Adapting to the new data world

Adapting to the new data world

Guest Bloggers | 13 April 2018

The last few years have been a roller-coaster ride if you work in or around a charity, especially in fundraising. The 2015 fundraising crisis and subsequent regulatory changes in law and the Code of Fundraising Practice saw the common practices of selling, renting and swapping supporter data, and cold telephone fundraising, quite suddenly disappear. The sudden loss of such major cold data sources has had a huge knock on effect for how charities recruit new donors and fundraise, especially when using direct mail.

CLIC Sargent team - 2017 Award winners

Insight is playing a greater role than ever in fundraising

Guest Bloggers | 6 April 2018

There has quite possibly never been a more important time to share and celebrate the good use of insight in fundraising. With charities increasingly challenged to find ways of engaging new supporters and growing income within the bounds of new regulations, data analytics and insight are playing an ever-greater role.

(Legitimately) interesting times

(Legitimately) interesting times

Daniel Fluskey | 23 March 2018

Fundraiser 1: “There’s light at the end of the tunnel, the guidance is almost here.”
Fundraiser 2: “Don’t get excited. I’ve been here before, you’ll wish you were back in the tunnel.”
Well, we are out of the tunnel and the Legitimate Interests guidance from the ICO has now arrived.

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Don’t get left behind

Guest Bloggers | 8 January 2018

As we all know, May is set to be an important month with one of the biggest events of the year. No, not the royal wedding – we have just 20 weeks until GDPR comes into force. With public holidays and weekends, that’s less than 100 working days left.

Wealth screening for good

A better understanding of supporters is something to be proud of

Daniel Fluskey | 20 November 2017

Following from the ICO fines earlier this year, fundraising practices relating to research, wealth screening and profiling are back in the spotlight – this time courtesy of the Daily Mail*. Their story today states that 24 universities (the Russell Group) had ‘spied on’ millions of past students to look at their incomes as part of their fundraising.


The Regulator’s New Code Consultation: A First Take

Daniel Fluskey | 10 October 2017

Last week the Fundraising Regulator published a consultation on proposed changes to the Code of Fundraising Practice around data protection. With GDPR coming it is of course a hugely important area, and one where there has been a lot of debate and discussion.

GDPR – Evolution or Revolution?

GDPR – Evolution or Revolution?

Guest Bloggers | 8 September 2017

Leesa Harwood is Director of Community Lifesaving and Fundraising and will be chairing IoF’s Transforming you Supporter Journey Conference on Monday 11 September.


Will you tick all my boxes?

Guest Bloggers | 8 September 2017

Mark Foster is the Head of Planning at Open and will be speaking at IoF’s Transporting Your Supporter Journey Conference on Monday 11 September. Here, he tells us why consent is a brilliant thing.

The Commission on the Donor Experience

The Challenge of Changing Fundraising Culture

Guest Bloggers | 21 June 2017

Chris Washington-Sare, of Pentatonic Marketing, looks at the challenges for the sector ahead of the Commission on Donor Experience report launch on Wednesday 5th July.


You think it’s time to look for a new CRM – but where do you start?

Guest Bloggers | 15 June 2017

On average, a non-profit organisation will undergo the process of re-evaluating its CRM solution every 5 years, and start shopping around to see if there is a newer, better or more viable alternative.

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