Cultivate creativity with these six sessions

Cultivate creativity with these six sessions

Guest Bloggers | 12 March 2018

Creativity is an often discussed but rarely understood capability within any charity. We are always being asked to come up with more innovative and interesting fundraising, but how often do we really invest in the underlying ability to do new things? Here’s how you and your team can use the IoF Fundraising Convention to do just that.

Talk your boss into budget sign off

Talk your boss into budget sign off

Guest Bloggers | 7 March 2018

So you’ve seen the programme for this year’s Fundraising Convention and you really want to attend. But there’s the pesky matter of how you’ll persuade your boss to sign off the budget. Pro tip: focus on how it will help you meet your objectives – I’ll even do the hard work for you!

Sarah Eite

What’s in it for freelancers and consultants? – Fundraising Convention 2018

Guest Bloggers | 26 February 2018

When I decided to enter the brave new world of freelance fundraising consultancy, I made a commitment to myself to continue to invest in my own professional and personal development. The reality of juggling numerous clients, projects and deadlines sometimes means that this is easier said than done. But for me, it’s critical to stay connected with the latest developments in our sector.

The new voice we should adopt

The new voice we should adopt

Kylie Kitchen | 21 February 2018

Artificial intelligence is not just the future of fundraising, it’s happening right now – just ask Alexa.

The boat that rocked for charity

The boat that rocked for charity

Guest Bloggers | 20 February 2018

Once word got out about our legacy campaign, the list of 60s icons getting on board, including the likes of Twiggy and Ringo Starr, grew. So too did the number of people leaving gifts in wills and enquiries about legacy giving – it was our most successful awareness week ever.

Convention audience

What Convention means to me

Guest Bloggers | 4 October 2017

The IoF Fundraising Convention is a crucial time in the year for Tom Dixon, who is Head of Philanthropy at Scope. Here, he explains why he finds it is a time for motivation, re-calibration and being inspired by others.

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