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Four steps to great legacy fundraising

Four steps to great legacy fundraising

Guest Bloggers | 27 September 2018

We are at a critical moment for charity legacy giving. As the once-in-a-lifetime intergenerational transfer of the baby boomer wealth begins to take place, we have a choice as to whether we are going to be good or great at legacy fundraising.

Felicity Spencer Smith

Fundraising briefing: What you missed on your summer holiday

Felicity Spencer-Smith | 5 September 2018

Summer tends to be quieter than the rest of the year, but there were still some bits of news that caught our eye. So whether you’ve been on holiday, busy or asleep over summer, here’s a summary of what you might have missed.

Remember a Charity

Why we should all celebrate Remember A Charity’s success

Peter Lewis | 1 November 2017

Last week Remember A Charity reached a huge milestone in the campaign’s history, as they welcomed their 200th member, Shine Charity.

A shifting marketplace

A shifting marketplace

Guest Bloggers | 20 October 2017

Legacy Foresight has been analysing the British legacy sector for over two decades, and the topic never ceases to fascinate and often move us.

Have Your Say

Legacy fundraising - taking pride of place in charities

Guest Bloggers | 27 September 2017

Ashley Rowthorn, Director at Legacy Link and Legacy Voice looks ahead at speaking at this year's IoF Legacy conference and discusses why talking about legacies is becoming cool...

Bouquet of flowers at wedding

Legacy giving - always the bridesmaid

Guest Bloggers | 9 August 2017

Chris Millward, CEO of the Institute of Legacy Management, and speaker at the upcoming IoF Legacy fundraising conference, explains why Trustees and senior stakeholders within charities should be more supportive of legacy fundraising.

Remember a Charity week 12-18th September #mywisdom

Remember ‘Remember a Charity Week’?

John Baguley | 15 September 2016

Yes, it is this week and isn’t it time that more than 7% of the population left a legacy to a charity? The calculation is that a 4% change in our behaviour would lead to £1 billion extra for good causes.

Remember a Charity week 12-18th September #mywisdom

Getting behind Remember A Charity Week - pass on your wisdom

Peter Lewis | 9 September 2016

New figures this week show that more people than ever are choosing to leave a gift to charity in their will.

The Changing World of Legacy Giving

The Changing World of Legacy Giving

Richard Radcliffe | 2 August 2016

Legacy giving is changing in so many ways at the moment. It really is an exciting time, bringing new opportunities for an increasing range of charities. It’s not without its challenges though, so what better time to question what you really know about legacies…

Why we need to come together to bake a bigger legacy cake

Why we need to come together to bake a bigger legacy cake

Rob Cope | 28 April 2016

If you’ve got 30 people coming to a birthday party, it stands to reason that you will need a pretty big cake. In the same way, when it comes to legacies, it has never been more evident that we need to make a bigger cake – more and more charities are joining the party.

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