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Is it time to start recruiting fundraisers from outside of the sector?

Guest Bloggers | 6 February 2018

Well, it’s a little bit of an inflammatory article title, but there’s a deep vein of truth in it.


How mentoring can help us truly succeed in fundraising

Guest Bloggers | 25 September 2017

The most honest feedback I receive in life is after the final whistle is blown and I’m sitting in the pub with my mates.

Fundraisers discussion

Managing your fundraising talent in a (rapidly) changing world

Gary Kernahan | 5 December 2016

Over the years I have done my fair share of recruitment and have been very successful in recruiting highly skilled and talented fundraisers. Last year, however, I started to find recruitment more difficult and found myself frequently having to go back to market. I was still getting a good number of applications which, on paper, looked like very credible but something wasn’t clicking.

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The most highly performing teams are those which are comfortable with change

Guest Bloggers | 26 July 2016

Having just embarked on a new role as Mid Value Lead at Cancer Research UK, this was a conversation during the first week of the IoF’s Future Leader Programme that felt extremely timely and apt.

Get more, be a mentor! (or mentee!)

Get more, be a mentor! (or mentee!)

Guest Bloggers | 10 June 2016

Having a mentor is a hugely valuable experience. Having someone to talk to, share experiences with and open your eyes to opportunities is crucial in the world of work.

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Mentoring - it wasn’t quite what I expected

Guest Bloggers | 6 May 2016

Last year I entered the June cohort of the IoF London Mentoring scheme. I hoped that I had something to offer other fundraisers but in truth I didn’t really know what to expect...