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Turn that buzz of excitement into better fundraising

Turn that buzz of excitement into better fundraising

Guest Bloggers | 19 July 2018

Fundraising Convention was memorable for so many reasons with a real buzz of excitement after a couple of very challenging years. We could have had relentless self-pitying GDPR moans and groans but we didn’t. That isn’t what Convention is about. It is about reflecting, learning, improving and embracing change and this year we had this by the bucket load.

5 ways to put your Convention learnings into practice

5 ways to put your Convention learnings into practice

Guest Bloggers | 18 July 2018

I’ve come away from the three intense days at Fundraising Convention bursting with new ideas, inspired to invigorate processes and products in my own organisation, and with new contacts to help progress those ideas and my career.

People in the workplace

What does it really mean to be a fundraiser?

Guest Bloggers | 10 October 2017

We all know that fundraisers come in all shapes and sizes. What it really means to be one is quite variable really, depending on where and on what a fundraiser is working.

Investing in Fundraisers

Investing in Fundraisers

Guest Bloggers | 5 September 2017

The Scottish conference has always encouraged up and coming speakers, looking at new sessions and streams to continually improve and diversify the sessions for delegates. This year's Scottish Fundraising Conference speaker sponsors Karat Marketing tell us why it's important to them to support new speakers.


Finding your first fundraising role

Guest Bloggers | 19 June 2017

Are you considering a career in Fundraising? Well, you should!

Recruiter selecting CV

CV tips & advice for fundraising roles

Guest Bloggers | 18 April 2017

What makes a great fundraising CV? The short answer is... one that stands out! Anyone can list their jobs and experience, but a good CV shows evidence and results.

Key to influence

The First Key To Fundraising Influence

Rob Woods | 9 August 2016

If we are to help donors and supporters decide to give generously, we must help them feel some certainty that this would achieve something they care about.

Connection of people

The Importance of Influence for charity fundraisers

Guest Bloggers | 29 February 2016

My first job in the charity sector was for a small charity that supported isolated older people on low incomes. The cause wasn’t sexy, the charity was barely known by the public. Even the name confused people about what we did. We had no donor list and very little profile, even in our own part of the sector. One of my main roles (among several) was to be the fundraiser.

The National Trust: a Happy workplace

The National Trust: a Happy workplace

Guest Bloggers | 22 February 2016

Claire Lickman, Digital Marketing Co-ordinator at Happy, looks back at how past experience of working at the National Trust, through being empowered as a staff member and having space and freedom to do her job, set the bar for success in the workplace.

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Climbing the fundraisers ladder

Guest Bloggers | 7 August 2013

At the 2013 Institute of Fundraising Convention, Lucy Caldicott, Catherine Miles and Liz Tait ran a session called “Climbing the Ladder” in fundraising. They were inundated with questions at the end which we share with you here...