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How four charities (and one cat) got behind Remember A Charity Week

How four charities (and one cat) got behind Remember A Charity Week

Rob Cope | 8 October 2018

We saw countless examples of charities using innovative and creative ways to engage their supporters with the concept of legacy giving during during Remember A Charity Week 2018. Learn how four of our member charities used different approaches to make the most it.

Felicity Spencer Smith

Fundraising briefing: What you missed on your summer holiday

Felicity Spencer-Smith | 5 September 2018

Summer tends to be quieter than the rest of the year, but there were still some bits of news that caught our eye. So whether you’ve been on holiday, busy or asleep over summer, here’s a summary of what you might have missed.

Remember a Charity

Why we should all celebrate Remember A Charity’s success

Peter Lewis | 1 November 2017

Last week Remember A Charity reached a huge milestone in the campaign’s history, as they welcomed their 200th member, Shine Charity.

Remember a Charity week 12-18th September #mywisdom

Remember ‘Remember a Charity Week’?

John Baguley | 15 September 2016

Yes, it is this week and isn’t it time that more than 7% of the population left a legacy to a charity? The calculation is that a 4% change in our behaviour would lead to £1 billion extra for good causes.