#ReclaimSocial: How RNLI uses social media as a force for good

#ReclaimSocial: How RNLI uses social media as a force for good

Guest Bloggers | 6 February 2019

RNLI is involved with numerous partnerships, but it is the charity’s drowning prevention initiatives which have been making a splash online. RNLI’s Social Media Manager Rich Ward explains why social media is at the heart of its supporter comms, and why #ReclaimSocial is more than just a one day job.

Why you should build your personal brand

Why you should build your personal brand

| 10 September 2018

In today’s communication fuelled world, most of us are happy to share our lives on social media. Even my 72-year-old father, new to the world of social media, happily posts photos of his latest golfing successes on Facebook. But are we using these platforms in the right way to develop and enhance our careers?

Fundraising Matters

Fundraising Matters: 7 non-profit experts share their secrets

Guest Bloggers | 23 August 2017

From marketing to governance and leveraging data insight, Fundraising Matters explores the way that practices throughout non-profit organisations play a part in building stronger constituent relationships, enhancing fundraising and delivering more for causes.

How to improve your charity's digital fundraising

How to improve your charity's digital fundraising

Guest Bloggers | 28 July 2017

With many charities still struggling to grow their digital know-how, Rebecca Curtis-Moss and Ross McCulloch look at some examples of great digital fundraising.

Innovation spaceship

These heroes are paving the way for innovation in the sector

Adam Bryan | 25 July 2017

I must say how impressed I am by the radical transformation the RNLI are going through. Far more than a move to opt-in, they are dramatically changing the way they operate as a charity, as well as how they raise income.


No charity branding equals fewer contact permissions

Guest Bloggers | 30 January 2017

Trust influences donors willingness to give their contact permission. That statement almost seems obvious and self-explanatory. The real question is by how much does trust influence the donor's willingness to give a contact permission? The answer is “a lot!” The result should make any fundraiser reconsider some of the ways fundraising has been done online the last 20 years.

Social impact or profit?... or why not both?

Social impact or profit?... or why not both?

Guest Bloggers | 7 September 2016

In May 2014, we officially launched what we call a “solidarity ecosystem”, so that technology could empower social impact (and vice-versa), connecting and engaging the different actors of the social economy. eSolidar is a 2-sided online marketplace that combines charities and their communities, by offering easy ways to raise funds and awareness to amazing charitable causes.

The age of connected networks

The age of connected networks

Beth Kanter | 31 August 2016

Ahead of our Innovative Fundraising for a Digital World conference on 3 October, Erin Niimi Longhurst at Social Misfits Media interviewed digital trainer and US non-profit innovator Beth Kanter about the latest tools, embracing digital innovation, and the biggest challenges that charities face in an age of connected networks.

Watching a live video on a tablet

Are you using the latest video trends for charity impact and engagement?

Kris Rollo | 22 August 2016

We often hear how important it is for charities to demonstrate their impact, highlight why they exist, what they do and the change that they make.

Social circles diagram

Social Circles - How to engage on social media

Guest Bloggers | 14 April 2016

Phrases such as virtual communities, meaningful dialogue and collaborative conversations float around our social media strategies but what do they mean on a simple practical level.

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