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Is segmentation our blind spot?

Is segmentation our blind spot?

Guest Bloggers | 7 September 2018

Undoubtedly, we have seen some amazing charity campaigns and appeals achieve epic results and exceed everyone’s expectations. We marvel over the results and, as fundraisers, we’re encouraged to attempt to unpick them. Inevitably we’re trying to learn from them to achieve fundraising success within our own charity.

The Science of Engagement

The Science of Engagement

Kylie Kitchen | 29 November 2017

If you think about fundraising and engagement, donors – existing or potential, are the first people you might think of. But could we have greater success if we first improved how we engaged our staff?

How to get from Good Intentions to a Great Supporter Journey

How to get from Good Intentions to a Great Supporter Journey

Charlie Hulme | 20 September 2017

Charlie Hulme is the Creative & Managing Director of Donor Voice and spoke at our Transforming your Supporter Journey conference recently.


Crossing the donor consent chasm

Guest Bloggers | 12 September 2017

J Cromack is the CEO for Wood for Trees and one of our speakers at IoF's Transforming your Supporter Journey Conference.

Hands together

What’s stopping you transforming your supporter journey?

Charlie Hulme | 29 August 2017

No matter how much time, energy and money we invest, our new supporter journey always ends up the same place the old one did.

David Brent

Dancing, David Brent and Supporter Journeys

Guest Bloggers | 25 August 2017

“Supporter Journeys” – it’s a buzzword in the sector at the moment, and rightly so.