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Deanna Wolf

Seasoning, substitution and skill: Trust fundraising beyond the recipe book

Guest Bloggers | 23 January 2019

Deanna Wolf explains why her fundraising practice is similar to her cooking - flexible and creative - ahead of her session at the Trusts Fundraising Conference 2019.

Food and ingredients on a table

A Recipe for the ‘Perfect’ Grant Application

Guest Bloggers | 23 May 2016

Trust fundraising, like baking, requires practice, attention to detail, good measuring and an understanding of the impact of environmental factors. Money Tree Fundraising’s Deanna Wolf shares her recipe for trust fundraising success.

ladder into the clouds

Steps to increasing Trust Income

Guest Bloggers | 19 February 2016

Trust fundraising is often referred to as the backbone of fundraising. When aspects of the fundraising climate becomes challenging, as many charities have experienced recently with cuts to statutory funding, many charities have looked to trust fundraising to fill the gap.

Developing fresh ideas for trust fundraising

Developing fresh ideas for trust fundraising

Institute of Fundraising | 11 February 2016

Is innovation a word to use in relation to fundraising from trusts and foundations? Or is it sometimes better to stick to what we know?

6 Reasons Why Trust Fundraising is More Than Words

6 Reasons Why Trust Fundraising is More Than Words

Guest Bloggers | 26 August 2015

Too many people think fundraising from trusts and foundations is just a case of sitting at a desk, bashing out a couple of applications, sending them off, and then waiting for the cheques to arrive.

From a Position of Trust

From a Position of Trust

Charlotte Bray | 14 August 2015

I love hearing the many different routes people have taken to arrive in the charity sector. It’s like a big maze where we’ve all started from in off corners and ended up in the same place, with several twists and turns along the way.