Person using Virtual reality headset

Virtual reality shows a story words can’t tell

Guest Bloggers | 11 January 2018

VR beyond extreme sports and exotic locations – one charity is using it to show us what it’s like to have dementia and is captivating a bigger audience in the process, writes Laura Phipps PhD, Head of Communications and Engagement at Alzheimer’s Research UK, and speaker at the IoF’s recent Digital Inspiration Conference.

5 Predictions for Future of Fundraising

5 Predictions for Future of Fundraising

Beth Kanter | 2 February 2017

As we start a new year, it’s time to think about a new digital strategy. How can you futureproof your fundraising activity? Master trainer and social media guru, Beth Kanter, has predicted the future of fundraising. While future trends don’t always come to fruition, at Social Misfits Media we think these are a pretty safe bet.