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Guest Bloggers | 21 November 2018

Charities need to embrace online in producing content that audiences will engage with. Kingston Smith’s Creative Vision Award, now in its fourth year, provides the opportunity for them to do just that, says Edwina Kesner.

The advent of the first Digital Code of Practice for charities, published on 15 November clearly illustrates the sector’s recognition that it needs to step up to the digital mantle. The digital age offers charities the chance to communicate with wider audiences on a global level in real time. It allows them the opportunity to stimulate far-reaching conversation that pushes its exposure beyond its usual boundaries. It is, therefore, no surprise that the Lloyds Bank UK Business Digital Index 2017 found that more ‘digitally mature’ charities are twice as likely to see donations increase.

As an example of the scale of social media, Facebook has over two billion users, offering a deep pool of potential new donors, campaigners and beneficiaries. The Digital Code of Practice is designed to help charities become more accessible and relevant through their approach to digital, to enhance their fundraising capabilities by effectively utilising a tool that puts an enormous audience at their fingertips.

As is always technology’s promise, efficiency is key – ultimately, charities should get more back from putting less in if they learn how to engage with social media in a savvy, confident way.

Producing engaging content

Improving the sector’s understanding of best practice is one half of the coin; the other is producing content that audiences will engage with. In this digital age the attention span of humans has considerably declined, making us much more susceptible to short visual methods of communication.

Kingston Smith’s Creative Vision Award gives four winning charities a 30-second animated brand film, worth an estimated £150,000. A short film like this is the ideal means by which to spread a charity’s message from the various online platforms. Each film is created specifically in line with each charity’s key message so can be used either as part of a fundraising campaign or as a profile-raising initiative, bringing real value to the charities.

2017 Creative Vision Award winner DEBRA saw fantastic results with the integration of their film into one of their marketing campaigns, #FightEB. The campaign has raised a staggering £285,000 so far, demonstrating the combined power of social media and a visually stimulating piece that gets straight to the heart of the message.

The four winning films from the 2018 CVA:


The Creative Vision Award is free for charities to enter. Please visit the website for more details and to apply.

Edwina Kesner, Senior Marketing and Business Development Executive at Kingston Smith.

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