The seven quirkiest session titles at Fundraising Convention

The seven quirkiest session titles at Fundraising Convention

Guest Bloggers | 22 June 2018

We're serious about challenging, empowering and inspiring your fundraising – and sometimes that means coupling amusing themes with insightful content. Take a look at the quirkiest titles in the Fundraising Convention 2018 line up, and don't miss your chance to see these and over 120 sessions in Europe's biggest fundraising event – bookings close at 2pm on 29 June!

1. A fundraising three-way

Hear how Santander UK, Age UK and Barnardo's teamed up together despite their massively different brands and causes to smash every fundraising target and delight Santander employees. It's not what you think...


2. Dames, planes and automobiles

What started with an extremely limited budget and incredibly high expectations became a rollercoaster ride galvanising the charity and surpassing its income, communications and brand objectives. Come fly with us.


3. The seven deadly sins of innovation

This session will take you through the parallels of the seven deadly sins and the world of innovation, highlighting some of the challenges and learnings Scope faced along the way. What's your vice?


4. Free gingerbread for everyone! Creating a multifaceted campaign 

Gingerbread here, gingerbread there, there's gingerbread everywhere! When Oasis Aquila Housing developed the Giving a Home campaign they didn't appreciate they'd never be able to see a gingerbread man again and not think '#Givingahome'. Take a bite.


5. What fundraisers can learn from Tinder

Is fundraising like dating? Victoria and Simon think so. Drawing upon years of dating and fundraising experience, these two extremely attractive fundraisers will share their successes and rejections to help you become a stud at developing your donor relationships. Swipe right.


6. You and I need to talk

It's the tough bit of relationships, when you need to tackle something that won't go away, it's causing a problem and keeping you up at 3am. Is there a way out?


7. Tea and cake or death

Direct mail is dead, the future is digital, engagement is king… we're inundated with stark black and white messages of right and wrong, good and bad, do this…don't do that. But perhaps things are more nuanced than that. Put the kettle on.


These are just seven of over 120 sessions at this years Fundraising Convention on 2 - 4 July at the Barbican London. Find the right sessions for you 

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