Three More emails That Work – and the Reasons Why

Three More emails That Work – and the Reasons Why

Felix Davey | 17 July 2015

Last time, I showed you three charity emails that got it right. And because you can never have too much of a good thing, here are some more – and the reasons why they’re so great.

Because it uses YOU, which does to supporters what a banana does to Eric

The word ‘you’ instantly transforms supporters into a hero. It puts them at the heart of a charity’s work, making them feel proud and valued. And when they actually see examples of what their gifts have achieved, their pride will swell to the size of Bananaman’s biceps.  

In this email from World Animal Protection, ‘you’ or ‘your’ is used five times in five lines. It’s also in the headline and subject line (‘You’ve done something amazing’). So supporters feel like they’re responsible for saving the life of a majestic bear. Which must feel pretty good.


















Because it’s easy on the eye – and the thumb

When your supporters open an email, it needs to stand out. Or they’ll just move on to the next one in their bulging inbox. A striking picture or an intriguing video can grab their attention, tell them a story or transport them to a place – and do all this far quicker than words can.

And because about half of them will be getting your email on their phones, you should break up the text with clear sections and headlines, so they can understand the content even if they skim. The buttons also need to be big and bright, clickable by even the clumsiest of thumbs.

This email from RNLI is eye-catching and thumb-friendly. 






















Because it does exactly the opposite of what I’ve just said

There’s more than one way of making an impact. Sometimes a pared-back email, stripped of all colours and pictures and buttons, can stand out. It looks much more personal, like it’s from a friend or a colleague rather than an anonymous organisation. 

This technique works particularly well for genuine emergency appeals – one of the benefits of emails is that they can be sent to thousands of supporters within hours of a disaster. Or for heartfelt thank you notes, like this one from Wikipedia.   

email 7


The email countdown continues on the next blog… until then, thanks for reading.



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