True or False: Debunking DRTV Myths

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Mark Mina | 6 June 2016

With TV being a popular medium for marketing, it’s important that marketers understand it and are not misguided by misconceptions in their TV campaigns.

To help you distinguish TV truths from illusions, here are 3 myths about DRTV:

Myth #1: Only older age groups respond to TV adverts

Though young people generally do not tend to watch as much TV as older groups, findings from our recent fast.MAP study reveal that they’re the most likely to take action in response to TV adverts. Our research shows that 18-34 year olds are most likely to buy a product in response to a TV ad, whilst 35-54 year olds are most likely to research in response.fastmap Action as result of DRTV in last 12 months


Myth #2: One advert will work across all European markets

You’ve got an excellent product or service. You’ve created a great TV advert. Now all you’ve got to do is translate it and you can roll out your campaign internationally.

While this may reflect the wishful thinking of some marketers, fast.MAP findings indicate that this approach is flawed.

Our findings show that factors that motivate people to respond to TV adverts vary by nationality. For instance while Germans (33%) seem to be the most moved by an advert’s message, the French (39%) appear more interested in celebrity endorsements. 

On the other hand, the French and Germans are similar (10%) in finding pricing in TV adverts less attention-grabbing than Italians and Spanish people (22%).

Such findings emphasise the importance of adapting TV adverts to suit different countries and cultures.

fastmap What stood out most on TV advertMyth #3: People will phone in response

While marketers may insist on repeating their sales line number in adverts in hopes that viewers will take note and call, fast.MAP findings indicate that viewers are less likely to do so. In fact, our findings reveal that calling a company is one of the least likely actions viewers make in response to TV adverts. Perhaps more emphasis should be given to an alternative call to action – but then the issue is how success can be tracked effectively.

fastmap action as a result of TV advertBe guided by insight

Be guided by insight and not myths in your next TV campaign. fast.MAP’s DRTV Creative Testing service can help you pre-test & evaluate the effectiveness of your TV adverts so you can learn what works and why, before launching them.


To find out more please call 0207 242 0702 or email

The IoF and fast.MAP, have launched the second edition of the tracker survey, Fundraising Media DNA 


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