True or false: Debunking Email Marketing Myths

Myths about email

Mark Mina | 9 May 2016

Having debunked direct mail myths, fast.MAP research shows many marketers make the same mistakes when it comes to email. Have you fallen into any of these traps in your email campaigns?

Myth #1: Older age groups aren’t as engaged with email as younger groups

It’s no secret that Millennials tend to be seen as the digital, ‘tech-savvy’ generation. This notion often results in the perception that those born before 1980s are less in tune with technology and email.

Still, findings from fast.MAP’s Fundraising Media DNA report suggests that this is not necessarily the case. Our study reveals that those aged 55 and over engage more with email than 18-34 year olds.

Myth #2: Email campaigns which don’t generate an immediate response have failed

The busy generation that we live in nowadays can result in the idea that people don’t take the time to take things in, including their emails. It’s easy to assume that your marketing email will go unread, be deleted, or be dismissed as spam amongst the other emails competing for consumers’ attention.

However, the DMA’s email tracker reveals that 49% of readers saved emails for reference and 42% kept the information in mind for later use.

Likely actions when receiving an email

Myth #3: Marketing emails are seen as spam

It’s often assumed people are too busy to bother with marketing emails or that they disregard the majority as spam. However, our Marketing-GAP Report reveals marketing via email is welcomed as the consumer’s favourite communication medium.

Opening DM - influential factors fastmap

Don’t be misled by misconceptions

Validate your email marketing ideas with research! fast.MAP can help you with this. Our research services allow you to do the following and much more:

- Explore which approach will work for your newsletters
- Identify which imagery and copy will engage your mailing list the most
- Discover what your audience think about your emails and what can be improved


The IoF and fast.MAP, have launched the second edition of the tracker survey, Fundraising Media DNA

Learn what works and why with fast.MAP research. To find out more please call 0207 242 0702


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