What is your #FundraisingResolution?

What is your #FundraisingResolution?

Institute of Fundraising | 10 January 2020

We've been asking what your #FundraisingResolution for 2020 is. Below we have summarised a few from our IoF community. Let us know what yours is by sharing it on the hashtag.

Rachal Minchinton, Chair of IoF Cymru, said she wants to get closer to the cause:

"I work across a number of locations in my new job and so am a bit removed from our frontline services. I know from previous roles how important it is to see the impact of my work for my motivation. Whether I’m having a bad day, fighting writers block or dealing with difficult situations, I know that being closer to my ‘why’ makes a huge difference to how I feel. It gives me perspective, purpose and passion! So in 2020 I’m resolving to visit the projects I’m working hard to support, and meet the staff teams on the ground, but most importantly, meet the people who benefit from the services I help fund. I’ll be making sure my staff team do the same."

Nadine Campbell, Chair of IoF Northern Ireland, said she said wants to bridge the gap between fundraising and services:

"My fundraising resolution for 2020 is to focus on bridging the gap between fundraising and services, identifying where we can work more closely with our service users and supporters to build long lasting relationships. As Chair of IoF NI, we will kicking off the new year with a strategy session to devise our overall objectives for the next 2-3 years.  Listening and reflecting to what our members want and how we can meet those needs locally."

Paul Morgan, Chair of IoF Central South, said he is going to be doing even more to inspire, educate and motivate:

"My fundraising resolution for 2020 is to look after the fundraisers in my area. It’s my goal to really support the fundraisers in Central South with the new IoF group, now well into its second year. In 2020 I want to offer informative and helpful networks for local fundraisers and deliver our first conference that inspires, educates and motivates colleagues at all levels in the sector. We’ve already kicked off with First Thursday social events, and I’m going to do more in the new decade!"

Nicola Sinclair, Chair of IoF Scottish Heads and Directors, said she is going to be asking 'why':

"I’m going to channel my inner toddler and ask WHY? Why do we deliver this service or activity? Is this the best service or activity for our beneficiaries? Can I easily understand what difference that will make, can our donors? Why do we do we have this process?  Is there a better/faster way to do it? Is it even worthwhile doing? Why did you choose to support our organisation? Donors have chosen to entrust us with their hard-earned cash to make a valuable change in the world, how can we make sure that we are meeting their needs too?"

Peter Lewis, Chief Executive of the Institute of Fundraising, said he is going to help fundraising become more equal, more diverse and more inclusive:

"My #FundraisingResolution for 2020 is to offer you more support from the Institute in relation to making the profession more equal, more diverse and more inclusive. But I need you all to engage as well. Together we can make the profession stronger, we can deliver even better fundraising, and help create an even better world."

Read Peter's blog looking at fundraising's year ahead here.

We’d love to know what your own #FundraisingResolution for the year ahead is. Share it with us on the hashtag.




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