What the judges are looking for

What the judges are looking for

Guest Bloggers | 9 March 2018

If you’re thinking about nominating in the National Fundraising Awards, it will help to know what will appeal to our judges. Here, Haseeb Shabbir of our judging panel offers some insight, revealing what he’ll be looking for when he scrutinises the Awards nominations in the coming months.

To see the passion in the nominations, to see vision and strategy come to fruition and to see integration at work – judging will be a privilege, and I’m eager to see what will be put forward to the panel. Here are the key things I hope to see in your nominations: 


Examples of excellence in the sector

It’s always wonderful to see a thoughtful campaign that others can learn from. Some of the best projects are those that could just as easily be adapted from a big brand to a small one, or vice versa. For this reason, I personally am very interested in the process of the campaigns. I’ll be looking for strategy in the campaigns and the team integration.

‘Success’ beyond funds alone

For me, a truly outstanding campaign is one which can connect the dots directly from fundraising to social impact. Demonstrating ‘success’ in terms of good return on investment or growth towards this is a sign to me of a good nomination. An outstanding nomination will see the broader picture beyond monetary fundraising alone, i.e. will integrate other outcomes, namely social return. Demonstrate what your fundraising has been used for and how – tell us about the impact to your beneficiaries or how you intend to integrate this. 


Be objective, and be proud!

Nominees should feel proud of their achievements and this should be evident in the application. It’s also important to try to take a step back and be as objective as possible. The best way to do this? Evidence, evidence and more evidence!


You have a worthy project, time to tell the story

You probably have all the ingredients in place to tell the story of a winning campaign or fundraiser already. Show your process, demonstrate strategic planning and approach and be sure to show how it will integrate with social outcomes. I look forward to seeing your nominations! 


You’ll find a helpful ‘how to’ on writing an award-winning entry

You can also view the full list of categories here


Haseeb Shabbir, National Fundraising Awards 2018 Judge and Head of Marketing and Business Strategy at University of Hull Business School



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