What's next for 2017: fundraising innovation and the next big thing

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Adam Bryan | 21 December 2016

Adam Bryan, IoF Director of Partnerships, concludes his two part article on fundraising innovation and what could be the next big trend of 2017...

It’s always difficult to predict the next big thing but we do know our behaviours are being led more and more by data driven, technology companies, such as Google, Facebook, Amazon, Uber and Air BnB.  The world is changing quickly and it’s important charities keep up. 

We now spend as much time on social media than we do watching TV, you can reach people when they are relaxed, alone and engaged. WaterAid have shown how such an engagement focussed campaign can deliver exceptional  results and secure new donors. Content  and value driven WaterAid still used  multiple-platforms to achieve this -  nudging people towards a donation and rewarding them accordingly – reaching, listening, creating, and at the right moment asking. 

Facebook’s Donate button, when it is launched, could be the transformational change we are looking for. They have over one billion users and a simple click to give will make it easy to connect people with the causes they care about.

Facebook themselves are investing heavily in Virtual Reality. Kids in New York get taken to the VR Lab (it’s cheaper and easier than Go Ape). Hollywood Studios are investing in this great, new story telling technique and we’re seeing some examples of it being used already with face to face teams and major donors.

It’s becoming easier to give. Since the beginning of 2015, contactless spending has more than quadrupled in the UK to over £1 billion and has increased 169% over one year.  For World Cancer Day, CRUK conducted the largest contactless trial in the sector. Street fundraisers were given the ability to accept contactless donations alongside cash. The Royal British Legion have used it for the poppy appeal, the Blue Cross has contactless dogs on the street and sector innovator, JustGiving, trialled their own tap to donate app making it easy for charities of all size to use this impressive mechanism. 

But there’s no easy answer. Be brave, think creatively and understand what the right communication channels for and your supporters are and how you make your donor feel good about giving.

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Adam Bryan 2016 headshotAdam Bryan, Director of Partnerships, IoF


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