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Daniel Fluskey | 14 December 2016

Daniel Fluskey, IoF Head of Policy and Research, looks ahead at next year, and the changes that fundraisers and charities can expect.

Over the next year, I think we’ll see the fundraising sector regain its confidence and that charities will be able to plan and carry out campaigns and activities in a more certain environment. 

This year, a lot changed: the new Fundraising Regulator came into existence, the Code of Fundraising Practice was transferred from the Institute to the Fundraising Regulator, the way forward on the FPS was decided, and the forthcoming EU General Data Protection Regulation was agreed. 

At the same time charities have been doing a huge amount of thinking about how they fundraise, revisiting their strategies, talking with their Boards of Trustees, reviewing their practices, and starting to do things differently. 

Over the coming year, I think that this culture shift will start to really take hold and we’ll see our sector continue to rise to meet the challenges we’ve faced and deliver excellent fundraising for our donors, causes, and beneficiaries.

What do you think will be the main considerations for the fundraising sector in 2017? Let us know on Twitter!

Daniel FluskeyDaniel Fluskey, Head of Policy and Research, IoF


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