Will you tick all my boxes?


Guest Bloggers | 8 September 2017

Mark Foster is the Head of Planning at Open and will be speaking at IoF’s Transporting Your Supporter Journey Conference on Monday 11 September. Here, he tells us why consent is a brilliant thing.

We’re all spending a lot of time worrying about consent and GDPR at the moment. Rightly so, but I think it’s a short-term problem that is masking the bigger issues the sector faces. 

Yes, it could to wipe out swathes of previously contactable data meaning people who might have given again or upgraded when we ask won’t be able to. And yes, we are going see dips in income which is undoubtedly very bad for the world’s most vulnerable or sick. 

But when it comes down to it, consent and permissions are brilliant. 

I’m a consumer, I don’t want to be bothered by organisations that I’ve shown a passing interest in four years ago. I don’t want them to profile me or, at worst, share my personal details with other organisations. I want to be in control. 

My doormat will be tidier, my inbox will be less cluttered and I won’t have to press the don’t disturb button on my phone as often. 

But how will I assess my options when it comes to charitable giving? (And, as a fundraiser, how will I keep making a difference and, at worst, my job!) 

Well, I’ll give my money and permission to the charities that make me the best offer. 

When I say offer, I don’t mean a discount or giveaway, I mean the charities that promise to show me what my money will do, that take the time to really make me feel special for giving my time or money. They’ll show me videos and tell stories that properly entertain me – make me cry, laugh and want to share. 

They’ll make me feel connected and relevant in the world around me. They’ll make me feel like I really matter and can genuinely make the world a better place for someone, somewhere. 

I’ll want to give them my permission to contact because I know it’ll be really bloody good when they get in touch. 

I don’t think this is on offer from 90% of charities. Still, for too many people today, the only guarantee is that they will be asked again and again and little more. 

The charities that flourish in the world of consent will be the ones that go past focusing on the tick box and consent statement, to those that offer a truly wonderful and fulfilling donor experience. 

Because when you nail that, people will tick whatever box necessary to get what you’ve got to offer. They won’t want to risk missing out.



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