You think it’s time to look for a new CRM – but where do you start?


Guest Bloggers | 15 June 2017

On average, a non-profit organisation will undergo the process of re-evaluating its CRM solution every 5 years, and start shopping around to see if there is a newer, better or more viable alternative.

Choosing the right piece of CRM software that meets your requirements can be tricky. Where should you start? What should you prioritise? Which vendor should you go with? Is it worth the money? 

With these, and the many other questions you need to ask throughout the process of choosing a CRM solution in mind, Blackbaud has put together a new edition of their impartial ‘Guide to Selecting CRM Software’.

The ebook offers you guidance in plain English, from how to decide your most important requirements, to giving you researched advice on best practices for implementing your new CRM. The guide also goes into detail about how to make an effective business case to your trustees and higher management – a potential sticking point when it comes to investing in new technology. 

GDPR is coming in less than a year, but May 25th 2018 is just the beginning. It is now more important than ever for charities to have a data-management system that allows you both to be GDPR compliant from Day 1, and be supported by a technology vendor that you can trust will be able to support you for the long term as the full ramifications of GDPR start to be felt over the coming years. 

With GDPR in mind, 38% of charities are reportedly looking at renewing their CRM in the next 12 months [1]. If you’re one of them, to help you speed the selection process along, Blackbaud has also put together a requirements document specific to charities. With 200 requirements listed out across 14 sections including Contact Management, Donation Management, and Marketing & Communications, all you have to do is go through and delete the requirements that aren’t relevant to you. Presto! You have a list of requirements ready to send out to your preferred CRM vendors, and see which one can fulfil them the best. 

Download your free ebook from Blackbaud

Here’s a taste of what else the guide has to offer:
Blackbaud seven tips
Blackbaud tip 1



[1] Civil Society Charity CRM Survey, May 2017

Charlie Davenport, Content Marketing Executive, Blackbaud

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