You've got direct mail

You've got direct mail

Guest Bloggers | 25 September 2018

Trust and frequency of communication are increasingly important to manage in charity marketing, but did you know talking to your supporters via post could help? Royal Mail research shows that mail is welcomed by recipients and offers higher response rates than email.

Here are five ways mail can help charities:

1. Mail is appreciated  

Consumers recognise that mail takes more effort than email. So when it is used, it reassures them that companies value them, that they cared enough to send direct mail.


2. People of all ages like mail

Research shows that people of all life stages read, appreciate, share, file, display and respond to mail. From young flat sharers who notice brands to older retirees who find it reassuring. Even the digitally savvy respond – since in an increasingly virtual world, the physical stands out.


3. It’s easy to stay in touch via mail

While people are more likely to have multiple email addresses, including ghost accounts they do not check, people generally only have one residential address, and the Royal Mail home-mover data service makes it possible to stay in touch if your supporter moves. Mail also stays in the home – 27 per cent of mail is still live in a home after 28 days according to JICMail so a mail appeal presents multiple opportunities to be seen, often over days or weeks.


4. Mail primes other media

Our Private Life of Mail neurological study shows the way in which mail primes other media. Email and other electronic communications tend to be better recognised and received (and unsubscription rates lower) if the recipient has been mailed in the weeks before. The study found that including mail in the marketing mix can boost ROI by 12 per cent.


5. Mail has evolved

Mail continues to evolve in exciting, innovative ways. In recent years, we have introduced programmatic mail and barcodes on mail to enable message sequencing, and in January, JIC Mail launched to provide reach and frequency data to the market.



Amanda Griffiths, Head of Communications Planning at Royal Mail 

You can learn more about using direct mail in your charity marketing at a morning seminar on 11 October featuring 11 channel experts. Register your interest for the event, Discovering New Donors by Rediscovering Direct Mail, using password 'welovedm'.





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