Manifesto for Change

We want an equal, diverse and inclusive profession where everyone is the right fit.

Our long term vision is for an equal, diverse and inclusive profession, where no matter what your personal characteristics, including gender identity, ethnicity, faith, age, class, sexuality, age or disability, or any and all intersectionalities of those characteristics, you will be “the right fit” for the fundraising profession.

Our Manifesto for Change, developed with our Expert Advisory Panel on Equality, Diversity and Inclusion, sets out how we plan to embark on that journey.

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Read more about our other equality, diversity and inclusion resources, including our evidence base for our Manifesto for Change.

We want fundraising to be seen as a career of choice for people of all backgrounds. The profession will be equal, diverse and inclusive, and reflective of UK society, and this will be well evidenced and acknowledged. Progression within the profession will be based on merit, and there will be a more equal balance of men and women at all levels throughout the fundraising community.

That’s why we have launched the Change Collective.Change Collective logoThe Change Collective is all about professionals from across the fundraising sector working together to redefine its identity. Starting the conversations and programmes that end the challenges holding people back.

Change Collective partners are shaping their own organisations. Shifting the sector from the inside out. And they’re coming together with the IoF to change the status quo.

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