How did the IoF begin their EDI journey?

In 2014, the Institute of Fundraising published its research Who’s doing the asking?, funded by the Barrow Cadbury Trust. We weren’t able to move forward on its recommendations at that time as the profession faced significant challenge from the press, public and regulators which forced us to shift our focus.

We integrated our belief that an equal, diverse and inclusive fundraising community is integral to delivering excellent fundraising into our Strategic Framework 2017-2021. This sets out a strategic objective to develop fundraising as a respected career that attracts and retains talent from diverse backgrounds.

In line with this, the IoF commissioned Elizabeth Balgobin to refresh the research and recommendations in 2017 and, based on her recommendations, we established an Expert Panel to advise us on next steps in February 2018.


What was the role of the Expert Panel?

The IoF's panel on equality, diversity and inclusion in the fundraising profession was a fixed-term expert advisory group.

They agreed that a Theory of Change should underpin the development of a strategy to make the profession more diverse and inclusive. The Theory of Change co-created by the panel was published in a summary format in our Manifesto for Change in November 2019.

The panel helped us turn this into a detailed Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Strategy, which outlines the approach that needs to be taken by the Institute, its members and partners, to ensure that individuals from all backgrounds are not only recruited into the sector but retained and progressed too.

The IoF will now be advised and held accountable by the EDI Committee established in November 2019.

View the members of the Expert Panel here.


What is the Manifesto for Change?

Our Manifesto for Change, developed with our Expert Advisory Panel, sets out how we plan to embark on our journey for a more equal, diverse and inclusive profession. You can read about the detailed thinking behind it and the evidence that underpins it here.

The Manifesto outlines three overarching desired outcomes, and the three enablers and range of key activities that will help bring these about.

The Manifesto formed the basis of the more detailed Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Strategy.


What is the Change Collective and how can I be part of it?

We launched the Change Collective campaign to bring together professionals from across the fundraising sector to redefine its identity. Since forming in 2019, we’ve been working with Change Collective partners to shape their own organisations and shift the sector from the inside out.

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How can I make a case at my organisation for the benefits of EDI?

Our benchmarking report Who isn’t in the room? evidences the lack of equality and diversity in the fundraising profession and the qualitative responses within it highlight the benefits that inclusive and diverse workplaces bring.

Beyond this, see the case for EDI for evidence to support the business, moral and legal case for more equal, diverse and inclusive workplaces, and our additional resources for tools on making this change.