Consultants Guidance

**The Guidance pages are currently being reviewed following the transfer of the Code of Fundraising Practice to the Fundraising Regulator. Please ensure that you have checked the latest version of the Code of Fundraising Practice available.


Who is this guidance for?

This guidance is written for fundraisers looking to work with a consultant but will also provide valuable insight for consultants who are looking to engage with fundraising teams.

What does this guidance cover?

This guidance document is designed to provide an introduction to working with consultants. This guidance supports the Code of Fundraising Practice. 

This guidance is written to highlight important factors which relate to working with Consultants fundraising.


This document splits the fundraising activity into the following sections

Definition of a Consultant
Working with a Consultant
Acquiring business and promotion of business
Professional fundraisers
Conflicts of Interest
Data Protection
Employment Law
Managing Conflicts