Face-to-Face Fundraising Guidance

**The Guidance pages are currently being reviewed following the transfer of the Code of Fundraising Practice to the Fundraising Regulator. Please ensure that you have checked the latest version of the Code of Fundraising Practice available. 


What does this guidance cover?

This guidance document is designed to provide an introduction to face-to-face fundraising. It supports the Code of Fundraising Practice, and sits alongside the Public Fundraising Regulatory Association (PFRA) Rule Book on face-to-face fundraising, which can be found here.

This guidance is not a “how to” guide. It is written to highlight important factors which relate to face-to-face fundraising.


This document splits the fundraising activity into the following sections:

What is Face-to-Face Fundraising?


Individual Role Descriptions

Considering Face-to-Face Activity

Conduct of Fundraisers/Agents

Clarification of Fundraising Standards

Planning a Face-to-Face Campaign

Identification and Management of Operating Locations

After the Face-to-Face Activity has Taken Place

Key Legal Points