What is Face-to-Face Fundraising?

Face-to-Face activity is the commonly used term for both the personal solicitation in public places of committed gifts by direct debits and/or standing orders, and for all other forms of personal engagement in such places where that engagement is designed to initiate a lasting relationship with a given fundraising organisation. Face-to-Face activity can provide an effective means by which members of the public can demonstrate their committed support, whether financially or otherwise, to a wide range of charities and other voluntary organisations. Not all Face-to-Face activity results in a request for money; it may simply seek to record belief in a cause or support for a campaign. A request for money may follow at a later date.

Face-to-Face activity can enable charities and other voluntary organisations to communicate with existing and potential supporters in an effective and sensitive manner without causing public nuisance or disturbance. This guidance concerns itself specifically with unsolicited personal approaches to members of the public for support to fundraising organisations however and wherever that is undertaken.

Due to the necessarily broad definition of ‘Face-to-Face’, some Face-to-Face activity may apparently or actually overlap with other established fundraising methods (for instance lotteries, Payroll Giving etc.), therefore care should be taken when planning a campaign to cross reference with other guidance which may be applicable such as the House-to-House Collections guidance.