Outdoor UK Challenge Events including the Three Peaks Guidance

**The Guidance pages are currently being reviewed following the transfer of the Code of Fundraising Practice to the Fundraising Regulator. Please ensure that you have checked the latest version of the Code of Fundraising Practice available.


Who is this guidance for?

This guidance is written for fundraising organisations, event organisers, participants and participant supporters involved in outdoor fundraising events in the UK.

Outdoor challenge events in national parks

Read our guidance document if you are thinking of doing an outdoor challenge event in a national park. 

For information on fundraising events and outdoor events it should be read alongside the other sections and Code of Fundraising Practice and guidance.


What does this guidance cover?

This guidance document is designed to provide an introduction to outdoor fundraising events in the UK, including the Three Peaks challenge. It supports the Code of Fundraising Practice. 

It is not intended as a ‘how to’ guide but provides best practice guidance for outdoor fundraising events in the UK. This guidance is to be read before embarking on any outdoor event, including but not limited to: sky diving, Three Peaks challenges, running and cycling events and offroad events. It is guidance for event management and is not a guide for the planning and operation of events.

Many fundraising organisations raise funds from events based outdoors whereby individuals or teams are challenged to complete a course that is sufficiently compelling to attract sponsorship. Such events have been commonly held in areas of attractive landscape such as National Parks, especially in mountainous regions. These areas are under increasing visitor pressure and land managers (such as the National Trust/National Trust Scotland and National Park Authorities) as well as local people are justifiably concerned about the impact of such fundraising events. It is important that this guidance is followed in order to ensure the sustainability of this fundraising activity.

Organisers of events who knowingly encourage excessive numbers in areas of environmental sensitivity or who do not manage their event to minimise impacts are irresponsible. The impact on local residents, roads, other users, facilities, footpaths, wildlife and the wider landscape can be so adverse as to bring their fundraising organisation into disrepute, and risks the future reputation of challenge events as a form of fundraising. Organisers need to take special care in organising events: if a participant is harmed and the organiser is found to have been negligent, they will be liable. If this guidance is not followed, organisers are more likely to be found liable and will be subject to associated costs.


The document splits the fundraising activity into three broad sections

Preparation and Procedure
Three Peaks Challenge
Key Legal Points