Raffles and Lotteries Guidance

**The Guidance pages are currently being reviewed following the transfer of the Code of Fundraising Practice to the Fundraising Regulator. Please ensure that you have checked the latest version of the Code of Fundraising Practice available.


Who is this guidance for?

This guidance is written for all fundraisers who are planning to hold a lottery/raffle as a mechanism for raising charitable funds.


What does this guidance cover?

This guidance document is designed to provide an introduction to lotteries including raffles. It supports the Code of Fundraising Practice.

This guidance is not a “how to” guide. It is written to highlight important legal requirements and provide clarity to those confused (and it is confusing) by the requirements of those tasked with running a lotteries.


This guidance in this section covers

What legislation applies?
Defining a lottery
Different types of fundraising lotteries
Other considerations
Key legal points
Fundraising lotteries in Northern Ireland
Useful Contacts