Telephone Fundraising Guidance

**The Guidance pages are currently being reviewed following the transfer of the Code of Fundraising Practice to the Fundraising Regulator. Please ensure that you have checked the latest version of the Code of Fundraising Practice available.


What does this guidance cover?

This document offers guidance to fundraising organisations on telephone fundraising. The purpose is to enable telephone fundraising to be undertaken in a professional and sensitive manner. This guidance applies both to campaigns carried out by fundraising organisations’ in-house fundraising teams and to external telephone fundraisers who conduct campaigns for charities and other fundraising organisations, or in support of particular charitable, benevolent or philanthropic purposes.

This guidance is designed to cover telephone fundraising to both warm and cold contacts, but does not cover telephone calls made for other purposes, such as:

  • calls made with the intention of asking the telephone contact to engage in a fundraising (where funds are not solicited directly), trading or volunteering action in connection with fundraising
  • calls undertaken in the course of the administration of support that has already been achieved
  • calls made to telephone contacts to provide information
  • thank yous etc


Also, this guidance does not cover fundraising by fax or text message. Nor does this document cover the use of voicemail, which is covered by the same rules as faxes and text messages.

Telephone fundraising is subject to the general regulations on use of the telephone as well as to specific regulations on use of the telephone in support of charities and other fundraising organisations. Anyone involved in telephone fundraising for a charity or other fundraising organisation should make sure they comply with all relevant regulation.


This document is broken down into the following sections

Preparation and procedure
Relations with Stakeholders
Key legal points