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Gilcore Ltd.

71-75 Shelton Street, London WC2H 9JQ

Telephone : 020 3974 0881

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Doing good is hard work. We make it easier. Data driven fundraising, account management and campaign delivery for charities.

We don’t just get stuff done for charities, we do it better than it’s been done before.  We use data to improve the services we offer and chase the results you’ve been told are out of reach.

 We run face-to-face campaigns across private sites, events, door and street.  Our teams span the UK, and support all products – lottery, subscription, sponsorship, regular giving and membership. Work with Gilcore for market-beating retention rates, donor satisfaction scores of 4.9/5, and our exemplary record in compliance checks.

 We’ll make your budget work harder with ROI modelling and campaign analysis, plus quicker more efficient payment processing. Because great results aren’t built on passion or people alone.  They’re built on knowledge, analysis and insight.