Communicating with older generations

Communicating with older generations

Date: Friday 12th Jul 2019

Time: 9am - 1pm

Town/City: Westminster

Location: London

Venue: IoF Office

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Why this seminar?

The evidence from focus groups, and academic research around the world, indicates a sad lack of recall by all donors and prospects because of the number and design of communications.

As we age, the way we read, listen and view communications changes and concentration is short. We are in an age of changing channel preferences – especially older generations. Lack of mobility increases use of the internet in all its forms. This seminar is aimed at discussing how we can maximise engagement thereby enhancing levels of support.

  • To empower both communication and fundraising professionals to communicate more effectively with older generations.
  • To ensure the greatest recall of charity communications leading to the best engagement through the most relevant channels



  • To gain greater internal understanding/buy-in, within both communications and fundraising teams, on the above issues so that all charity communications are well designed for maximum impact and recall.
  • To improve all charity communications for older generations. Target audience is ALL prospects and donors
  • To understand how older brains and physical and mental conditions affect recall of communications
  • To debate the use of channels used by older generations


Who should attend?

We are keen to bring together: creative designers, copy writers, insight teams, Digital communication staff, fundraisers from individual giving and legacy marketing.


Academic research and what it tells us about the communication needs, preferences and  communication habits of older people

Channels: how older generations like to communicate

Design: key issues and suggestions on graphic design, images, infographics, typefaces and words

Discussion on how to affect change in charity communication and fundraising departments to ensure greater supporter recall and engagement.


Lead Speaker: Richard Radcliffe. FinstF Cert. Founder Radcliffe Consulting 30 years’ experience in legacy fundraising and has met over 28,000 donors and volunteers in focus groups for over 400 charities where fundraising  communications are discussed in great detail!     

Guest speaker: Caryl Harris, Managing Director, Creative Interpartners. Caryl has 50 years graphic design experience. She works with luxury brands and charities on branding, digital, print and annual reporting.    



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