Digital Fundraising Conference 2019

Digital Fundraising Conference 2019

Date: Monday 25th Mar 2019

Time: 9.15-5.15

Town/City: London , United Kingdom

Location: London , United Kingdom

Venue: Holiday Inn - Bloomsbury

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Digital isn’t just about new technology. It’s about change. Not just a change to tools and processes, but a transformation of your organisation and mentality. Charities have the potential to embrace this change and improve almost every aspect of their operations – from internal efficiency to online user experience and with a greater focus on digital strategy and digital fundraising.

While last year's digital conference focused much more on bigger picture content and the 'future of digital', this year's programme takes a much more practical take on digital and its role in fundraising.  Providing you with the inspiration and tools you will need to make sure you and your organisation is taking full advantage of these exciting technological opportunities that are available and you are able to put forward the business case to convince colleagues to invest in key areas to support a digital transformation in your organisation. 


Opening remarks from Chair

Dr Catherine Howe, Director of Design, Delivery and Change, Cancer Research UK



Opening plenary: How the digital age is changing fundraising

In a world where everyone owns a media channel, and there is more noise in the market than ever before, how do organisations cut through and get noticed? 

When acquiring mindshare of benefactors is becoming increasingly difficult, how do fundraising teams obtain and retain the attention of their donors? 

How do charities utilise social media and digital platforms in order to enhance their fundraising efforts?

In this talk, Grant Leboff will provide answers as to how organisations can make digital platforms work effectively. He will present the rules of effective fundraising in a digital world and explain the new thinking that is necessary to thrive today.

Grant Leboff, CEO, Sticky Marketing Club


Embedding digital across the organisation

Getting trustees and leadership excited about digital transformation is the easy part. Embedding capabilities across the organisation is where the real work begins.

Using examples from Great Ormond Street Hospital Charity and others, this session will look at the tactics you can start using tomorrow to build your own digital capability.

Practical topics we'll cover will include:

- How to use collaboration to drive change

- KPIs that actually show if you’re making a difference

- Building digital skills frameworks that people understand

- Effective approaches to training which teams will remember

- Generating buy in to change when no one has spare capacity

- Influencing senior leaders to fit this into their agendas

James Gadsy Peet, Director of Digital, William Joseph

Yasmin Georgiou - Head of Digital Engagement at Great Ormond Street Hospital Charity


Coffee and networking


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What I wish I'd known: lessons from a corporate start-up

What do charities and banks have in common? They might seem worlds apart, but both are being shaken up by digital disruption and are trying to find fast, new ways to meet the needs of an online audience.

Amy has seen both sides of this story, having recently moved from the British Heart Foundation to Monzo Bank.

Monzo is well-known for using digital to disrupt banking. They've shunned bricks and mortar branches for an innovative mobile app and acquired 1.6m customers in a little over four years.

Amy will shed some light on how Monzo deliver digital experiences and share some of the tips and tricks she wishes she'd known at the BHF, including:

-How to make decisions faster and overcome stakeholder inertia

-How to develop and deliver ideas quickly without compromising on quality

-Why Agile might not always be the answer

Whether you deliver digital experiences in-house or with an agency, whether your website is built on the now- outdated legacy code or you are just starting out, you'll come away with actionable insights on how to deliver faster and better digital products.

Amy Dicketts, Product Manager, Monzo (formerly Product Manager, British Heart Foundation)


Getting your donations on tap: how organisations are harnessing the power of contactless

The number of charities who have adopted contactless payment technology has increased of late. However, due to costs and potential security risk involved, there is still a reticence across the sector to embrace this change in how we donate.

Technology provider GoodBox will take you on a whistle stop tour of how charities can look to implement contactless technology and see results. Using a few key case studies, you’ll learn about how Natural History Museum have mastered a successful and seamless visitor experience, how the Church of England have made a quick transition into digital giving and how the Mayor of London’s Winter Campaign was bolstered by the addition of contactless technology.

Along the way we will give you practical knowledge about what you need to have in place to begin raising digital funds, watch-outs of common mistakes and advice on how to emulate the success of many of our clients.  

Takeaways: An understanding of what is needed to run a successful contactless giving campaign, clear next steps for charities interested in taking the digital leap and watch-outs.

Polly Gilbert, Co-Founder, TAP and Marketing Director, GoodBox Co

Katie Whitlock, Co-Founder, TAP and Strategy Director, GoodBox Co. 


Hope and Homes for Children’s ‘End The Silence’ (Winner of the Best Use of Digital at the National Fundraising Awards)

This case study session will showcase a ground-breaking digital campaign by Hope and Homes for Children, to raise awareness and money for children growing up in the silence of orphanages, without love, family or music.

One inspiring question – “What songs holds the most precious memory of your childhood?” - sparked the most innovative and creative fundraising campaign.

It secured 30 personal, short-films online from Britain’s biggest music icons (including Paul McCartney, Ed Sheeran, Elton John, Ellie Goulding, Mark Ronson, Noel Gallagher) each sharing the song holding their most special childhood memory.

It created the world’s biggest digital musical memory vault,, where the public could save and share their own music memories, placing the issue front of mind in a personal way.

The two-month campaign partnered with YouTube and UK Aid. It inspired tens of thousands of people to join, raising a remarkable £5.8m (against a target of £1.3m). All from a budget of £150k.

Ben Knowles, Innovation and Transformation Director, Hope and Homes

It started with a hashtag… the power of social media


Help Refugees started as nothing more than a hashtag in August 2015. Two friends wanted to raise £1,000 and fill a van full of donations to take down to Calais. Within a week, they had raised £56,000 and were soon receiving 7,000 items every day. All through the power and reach of social media.

Fast forward three years, and they have helped over 700,000 people, managed over 25,000 volunteers, and are supporting more than 80 projects across Europe and the Middle East. They have established a fieldwork first, networked approach to giving aid, establishing local networks and working with local partners to deliver projects.

Boosted by the support of high-profile musicians, filmmakers and actors who joined their ‘Choose Love’ campaign, they firmly believe that together with their partners, volunteers, fundraisers, and supporters they have pioneered a new movement in humanitarian response – ordinary people to help other ordinary people in need in the most direct of ways.

Philli Boyle, Director and Head of Partnerships, Help for Refugees



Lunch and networking


Future Tech Trends You Should be Discussing Today

The rapid pace of technological change presents as many opportunities as it does challenges. Awareness of changing dynamics and influencing factors should inform your organizational and fundraising strategy. We’ll look at approaches to navigate modern challenges and how to create new opportunities for growth and success.  

Sandra Luther, Head of Charity Partnerships, Consumer Solutions, Blackbaud


Digital acquisition and supporter journeys, are you leaving money on the table? 

This session will look at how you can effectively acquire new supporters and prospects online by incorporating advocacy as part of your donor recruitment strategy.

The session will focus on the future of online acquisition and will demonstrate why social can be a powerful tool to help lift conversion rates.

In the second part of the session, Emily Casson, from Cat's protection will join Rhiannan to talk through their supporter recruitment campaigns,  their tried and tested supporter journeys, along with best practice, what did and didn't work, their overall digital engagement techniques, and will share some early results of their campaign. 

Emily Casson MinstF (Cert), Digital Marketing Manager

Rhiannan Sullivan, Director, Care2


Coffee and networking


Recruiting regular giving donors using digital video

Want to know how to recruit regular giving donors through digital channels? Or gain ideas on how to develop your digital video fundraising strategy? 

This session will offer insights into why video is so important for the future of digital fundraising. 

You’ll see case studies from both UK and international charities that are using video to support a variety of fundraising propositions.    

With practical tips and advice, some cases study examples, and a good dollop of inspiration, everyone should come away with something they can apply to their own programmes.

Saleem Tejani, Head of digital films, DTV Group


Cyber security in your organisation

According to a recent report published by the DCMS, one in five charities has suffered a cyber security breach or attack in the last 12 months.

With more and more ransomware, e-fencing, and phishing attacks making the news each day, cybersecurity is becoming increasingly important. In this session, our experts will present their top tips on how to strengthen your cyber security in your organisation.

A session not to be missed!

Neil Sinclair, National Cyber Lead, Police Digital Security Centre


Using digital to increase impact, develop skills and improve sustainability

In this session, hear from digital expert Zoe Amar about how organisations can develop their digital skills, become more accessible for beneficiaries, provide new opportunities for funders to engage with digital and enhance collaboration across the sector. 

She will consider the key challenges that charities face in digital and then consider how the Charity Digital Code of Practice can help charities to address these issues and embrace digital change.

Zoe Amar, Founder, Zoe Amar Digital


Closing remarks from Chair

Dr Catherine Howe, Director of Design, Delivery and Change, Cancer Research UK

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