How healthcare charities can maximise fundraising opportunities under CV-19 on demand

How healthcare charities can maximise fundraising opportunities under CV-19 on demand

Now available on demand: Public support of healthcare charities has never been higher. This half-day seminar will advise you on where to allocate resources to see the best ROI and how to adapt future fundraising so you continue to exceed targets after CV-19. As well as the live discussions, you will have access to 3 on-demand case studies, including an interview with Ellie Orton, CEO, NHS Charities Together.

This is a prerecorded event and is available on demand 

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  Chair’s opening remarks

 Live panel: Maximising income under CV-19

  • Raising awareness has been a challenge for health care charities for a long time, do we think this will change permanently?
  • Which fundraising channels are bringing in the most income and how can charities capitalise on them?
  • How can you keep the momentum of emergency appeals going?
  • Which fundraising initiatives didn’t work and why do you think this was?
  • How can managers and officers adapt to the continual changes to ensure their projects are a success? 


Sarah Naismith, Director of Charities, Manchester University NHS Foundation Trust Charity
Rachel Jones, Director of Development, Moorfields Eye Charity
Kerry Huntington, Fundraising Director, CW+
Gemma Downham, Director Of Fundraising, Addenbrooke's Charitable Trust (ACT)
Sally Barney, Head Of Fundraising, St George's Hospital Charity
Sarah Bissell, Director of Fundraising & Marketing, Thames Hospice
Moderator: Andrew Watt, Senior Principal, Accordant Philanthropy and Chair, IoF's Health Sector Special Interest Group


Live panel: Learning from lockdown to diversify and grow income

  • Diversification was a priority for many healthcare charities pre CV-19, how can they use this surge in public interest help facilitate this?
  • What new fundraising initiatives have you tried and how do you plan to develop them?
  • What income streams will your prioritise post lockdown and why?
  • Will things return to normal post lockdown? If so how can you adapt current fundraising campaigns so they continue to bring in income?
  • What are three things fundraisers can do now to make sure they keep growing post lockdown?


Andrew Bickerdike, Charity Director, SASH Hospital Charity
Ashley Westpfel, Fundraising Director, Royal Brompton & Harefield Hospitals Charity
Ruth Dunkin, Head of Community & Events, Thames Valley Air Ambulance
Sally Insley, Fundraising Manager, Primrose Hospice
Moderator: Gill Jolly, Director, Achieve Consultants and LiaisonIoF's Health Sector Special Interest Group

 End of event


Three on-demand case studies for you to watch in your own time:

1. Interview: How NHS Charities Together has adapted to CV-19

Ellie Orton, CEO, NHS Charities Together 

2. Interview: How a small hospital charity launched a 6 figure CV-19 appeal 

Sofia Zeenat Sheikh, Charity Director, West Hertfordshire Hospitals NHS Trust

3. Presentation: Successfully launching online community and event fundraising products 

Katie Eyton, Community Fundraising Manager, Thames Valley Air Ambulance



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