How to Crack Community Corporate Fundraising

How to Crack Community Corporate Fundraising

Date: Monday 14th Oct 2019

Time: 3pm - 5.30pm

Venue: Cinema Museum

2 Dugard Way


SE11 4TH

An insight into how corporate fundraising is integrated into Community Fundraising programmes.

Often an area in which community fundraisers feel out of their depth, we hope to demystify community corporate fundraising by exploring how organisations integrate this into their community fundraising programme.

Come and hear about how Community Fundraisers already have all the skills in their arsenal to be amazing corporate fundraisers and why they are often best placed to be account managers and give that really personal and local experience that companies want. We’ll guide you through how corporate fundraising has been a success story for those charities who understand the value of a local community fundraiser and what we can bring to the table that national corporate teams can’t.

Confirmed speakers for the event are Kelly Walton (Alzheimer’s Society) and Millie Coulter (British Heart Foundation) with more exciting speakers to be announced!

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