Managing Fundraisers: the essential guide to recruiting, developing & retaining fundraising talent

Managing FundraisersWelcome to the Institute of Fundraising’s essential guide to recruiting, developing and retaining fundraising talent, made possible through funding from the Office for Civil Society.

The guide is designed to provide advice, tools, techniques and templates to implement best practice within your organisation.Structured to offer managers insight into each aspect of the Human Resources cycle, we have sought input from successful organisations, large and small, that have a track record of excellent fundraising.

Whilst formulated to support the needs of smaller charities, organisations of any size will benefit from the resources included, whether you want to refresh your existing practice or review and change how you currently operate.

So what does the guide include?

This manager’s guide provides extensive theoretical and practical guidance, all grounded in reality, having been ‘road tested’ in many different types of organisation.

Each section includes a range of tools that you can use and adapt to your organisation’s needs along with useful examples or case studies. Because we have followed the complete HR cycle, the guide can be used strategically and allow you to plan the way you manage your fundraising individual/team/organisation more effectively.

In fact, many of the tools provided can be used across the organisation and are by no means specific to fundraising. In some cases we have provided a range of options so you can choose the model that is right for you as well as signposting to relevant resources and Institute of Fundraising services, such as the IoF Academy and CPD Online.

How is it structured?

The guide is structured into 8 individual units. Each unit contains useful advice, hints and tips as well as a wealth of exercises, templates, good practice checklists and tools for you to take away and adapt to reflect your organisational needs and priorities.

It is not intended as a cover to cover read, but more as a document you can refer to and draw from.

Why did we develop this guide?

This guide was developed following feedback from our members that there was a gap that needs filling. They told us that the fundraising function is often misunderstood at organisational level and that, as a result, fundraisers often feel under-valued or inadequately managed.

So this guide is partly for individual fundraisers to help their organisations to develop best practice in fundraising management, but also for organisations to ensure that they attract and retain their fundraising talent.

Who has developed it?

The guide has been developed by the Learning team at the IoF with input from fundraising practitioners, recruiters and HR professionals. We are very grateful to those organisations who have given us permission to use their tools and templates. The guide has been funded through our grant from the Office for Civil Society.