Volunteer fundraising is one of the most prevalent forms of fundraising and is the most frequent way in which the majority of the public engage with and encounter fundraising practice. Effective volunteer management can help maximise the value of volunteers and ensure they feel valued. As with all supporters, stewardship is key.

Locating, organising and managing volunteers is an area huge in scope, and this page will provide guidance, information and resources to help organisations navigate this vital aspect of fundraising.

Is it ok for volunteers to fundraise?

Defining types of volunteers

There are two main types of volunteers - 'on behalf of' and 'in aid of':

  • 'On behalf of' volunteers are volunteers that have authority from the fundraising organisation to fundraise. The organisation knows that they are raising money and may help the volunteers by providing advice and resources.
  • 'In aid of' volunteers have no authority from the fundraising organisation and are acting on their own initiative. The first that the fundraising organisations knows about this activity is often the receiving of the cheque.


The distinction between the different types of volunteer can be important in terms of establishing liability should anything go wrong. It is not always clear if a volunteer is acting 'on behalf of' or 'in aid of' but it is something that you need to be aware of.