A time for solidarity with and between fundraisers

02 September 2020
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As we introduce our package of support for fundraisers made redundant due to the impact of the pandemic, in this blog Peter Lewis says now is the time for solidarity among the fundraising profession.

The year 2020 will be remembered because of the worldwide coronavirus pandemic that caused thousands of deaths, illness for millions and economic and social turmoil which highlighted the vast inequalities and injustices of the society in which we live.

In retrospect it will show that some countries and governments responded better than others; some public health advisors got it right, others didn’t.

But what will it say about the role of civil society in different countries? What will it say more specifically about the fundraising community in the UK?

From my perspective, the fundraising community across the UK, has responded amazingly in hugely difficult times. Many of you were furloughed; others of you worked harder than you had ever worked before from home, creating new engagement with supporters to inspire them to give or to continue to give. While many activities stopped, others were grown and developed successfully online.

Fundraisers at all levels were asked to budget, reforecast, scenario plan and re-budget again and again in hugely uncertain times.

And the fundraising community held together. Fundraisers supported each other; reached out to offer free support and guidance to each other; offered a sounding board to others.

However, despite all that activity the sad reality is that organisations are already making, or are planning to make, redundancies, on the basis of the significant reductions in income they have experienced or are forecasting. Hundreds if not thousands of fundraisers will be made redundant over the coming months. And we want to do what we can as your professional membership body to support you.

Guidance and support

We have published a range of guidance and support for fundraisers who are currently unemployed. From the basics of getting your CV together to developing your interview technique we will be here to support you. And soon we will be launching our new website, with a whole new set of resources to support you in your professional and career development.

For any of our existing individual members who are made redundant we will offer you three months of membership free, while you get back on your feet. For fundraisers facing redundancy who want to join to access our resources, your first three months of membership will be free.

And we are also offering our organisational members the opportunity to buy individual membership for fundraisers they are making redundant at a discounted rate, so they can pass on these benefits to staff they are sadly having to lose.

We want to do whatever we can to support you over the weeks and months to come.
If you want to hear more about, or take advantage of the membership offers outline above please e-mail membership@institute-of-fundraising.org.uk

If you have any other ideas about how we can better support you at this time please do email me directly on peter@institute-of-fundraising.org.uk

Peter Lewis
Peter Lewis
Chief Executive, Chartered Institute of Fundraising
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