Health and Safety at Events

We will provide and maintain conditions and equipment for all employees, contractors and visitors that are safe, healthy and comply with statutory requirements and codes of practice.

You are required to take reasonable care of your own well-being and that of all other employees.


Details of our Health and Safety policy are as follows:

Policy statement:

We, at the Institute of Fundraising, recognise our duties under the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 and the accompanying protective legislation. We will endeavour to meet the requirements of this legislation so as to ensure that we maintain a safe and healthy environment at all events. Our managers and supervisory staff are informed of their responsibilities to ensure they take all reasonable precautions, to ensure the safety, health and welfare of those that are likely to be affected by our undertaking.


In order that the Institute can achieve its objectives, and ensure its employees recognise their duties under health and safety legislation whilst at an event, we must ensure that we inform them of their duty to take reasonable care of themselves and others that may be affected by their activities. We ensure our employees are informed of their obligations to ensure they co-operate with management and adhere with the Institute’s safety rules which are provided within the Employee Safety Handbook presented to employees as part of their induction. Hard copies are available from the Office Co-ordinator.


Our Commitment:

The Institute recognises so far as is reasonably practicable the duty to ensure the following:


  • To provide and maintain a safe place of work, safe systems of work, safe equipmentand a healthy and safe working environment at all events.
  • To ensure that hazards are identified and assessments of risks are undertaken prior to an event.
  • To ensure that we have access to competent advice and are able to secure compliance with our statutory duties.
  • To provide information, instruction and training as is necessary to ensure employees and others are assured of a safe and healthy working environment.
  • Promoting the awareness of health and safety and encouraging health and safety best practice at all events.
  • To ensure we are taking the appropriate protective and preventative measures.
  • At the start of each event all members of staff and contractors should be informed of the fire procedures and location of first aid box. All employees must ensure that fire exits are kept unlocked and free from obstruction.
  • At each event there should be a member of staff who is trained in first aid. Prior to the event the venues first aider should be identified.
  • All gangways, corridors, through fares must be kept clear and free from obstruction at all times. Worn or damaged floors or coverings must be reported to management immediately.
  • Care should be taken when unloading vehicles and moving equipment to avoid injury to oneself or others either by overloading or by carrying unsafe loads.
  • Care must be taken when using electrical equipment. Trailing wires must be securely fixed so as not to cause injury or danger to persons and property.