Policies and Procedures - Data Protection

DP001 - Data Protection Policy

DP002 - Information Security Policy

DP002-1 - Compliance Policy

DP002-2 - Outsourcing and Third Party Compliance Policy

DP002-3 - Information Handling Policy

DP002-4 - User Management Policy

DP002-5 - Acceptable Use Policy

DP002-6 - System Management Policy

DP002-7 - Network Management Policy

DP002-8 - Software Management Policy

DP002-9 - Mobile and Remote Working Policy

DP002-10 - Investigation of Computer Use Policy

DP003 - Subject Access Requests


Privacy Notices for Groups - to be used on and data collection such as survey's, Eventbrite, Mail Chimp etc. Please check with Tamsin Mitchell if you need any support or advice TamsinM@institute-of-fundraising.org.uk 


Data Protection Webinar - All volunteers are required to view this webinar http://www.workcast.com/register?cpak=4038789527195056