Section 5: Communications


The purpose of this section is to set out clear guidelines to ensure good, clear and timely communication across the IoF that will:

  • Ensure all members of the IoF and Group participants are provided with timely, accurate and accessible information on the activities of the Group. 
  • Ensure Group activities are scheduled effectively alongside all other IoF events to prevent subject and location clashes for IoF events. 
  • Ensure Group activities are promoted effectively as part of the wider IoF marketing offer.
  • Ensure that Groups manage data in accordance with IoF procedures and in line with data protection legislation. 


Key Measures:

  • Data relating to participants involved in Group activities should be stored on the central IoF database to prevent duplication and miscommunications. To achieve this, we will integrate data as part of the CMS rollout to groups. 
  • A monthly e-newsletter collated by the IoF communications team will be sent to all Group committee members, highlighting IoF and Group news, promoting best practice, and keeping committee members in touch with activity across the IoF. In order to ensure there is appropriate support for event management, sponsorship and marketing of Group events, Groups are requested to submit a forward plan an Activity_Plan_Template plan by 31 January each year.
  • Groups are asked to respond on a timely basis to information requested by the Head of Membership Communities, recognising that a reasonable lead time must be given. 
  • The Group Chair will remain the main point of contact for IoF staff unless alternative arrangements have been made for the purpose of communications.
  • In order to maximise our impact the IoF will consult and communicate with Groups on matters relating to their geographic location or area of special interest.
  • The Policy and Communications function will proactively seek out Group input for consultations, policy and external-facing media stories.
  • Groups will promptly notify the Head of Membership Communities of any changes to their committee. 
  • timetable of key dates and deadlines throughout the year has been established and all IoF Groups, staff and committees are expected to adhere to these deadlines.


PR & Communications

To support the IoF brand and ensure a consistent look and feel to all IoF events (whether run by the IoF’s training and events function or through the Groups network), a How-to_manage_Communications guide,comprising a number of templates and useful guides to support Group activities is available from the Policy and Communications Team. This will include timelines and templates for trade press coverage; template emails and other marketing collateral.

In addition, the IoF_Branding_Guidelines will be made available to Groups.


 Data Handling

All data acquired and stored under the IoF brand forms part of IoF’s assets. Wherever possible this data should be stored on the central IoF database.

To assist with this, IoF encourage Groups to send any data lists they currently hold to the Head of Membership Communities for integration into the central IoF database; this will ensure records are kept up-to-date and avoid duplication.

Where data is collected for the specific purpose of linking an individual with an IoF Group it will only be used for that purpose.

When all Group participants’ data is stored on the central database, IoF will provide Groups with access to the data connected to their Group – either directly or through the Head of Membership Communities.

During the roll out of the programme of data integration which will provide direct access for Groups - data lists will be sent out from the IoF to each Group on a monthly basis so that Groups can communicate with their participants.

Individual participants in Group activities, whether members or non-members, must opt-in to receiving Group communications and they must be provided with the opportunity to be removed from the mailing data each time a communication is sent.

IoF will prepare and circulate a Data_Protection_Statement for groups to use on all externally facing communications.


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