Laura Squirrell

Laura Squirrell is Fundraising and Volunteer Manager at Lighthouse Women’s Aid a Suffolk charity working with women, young people and children affected by domestic abuse.

She has been part of the IoF East Angial Fundraising Committee since November 2018.

"I found my passion for fundraising somewhat by accident!! I’ve spent the majority of my career in the corporate world until joining Lighthouse 7 years ago. Initially, my role was to develop our volunteer strategy but a few years ago I got the opportunity to diversify into fundraising, so armed with a variety of skills I’d picked up over the years and a (misplaced) ‘well, how hard can it be?’ attitude, I found I was in for a bit of a shock!!

As a sole fundraiser in a local charity, I’m still adding new skills and approaches to my fundraising repertoire. There is always something new to learn. The autonomy and the variety is part of what I love, but mostly it’s the opportunity to build relationships and encourage people see how supporting our charity with their time, money or skills will be a great investment. It’s easy to talk about what you do, but it’s the ‘why’ you exist as a charity and the difference you make to people’s lives that leads potential supporters to become donors.

The ability to tell a story, unquestionable integrity, a genuine interest in people, a drive for continuous improvement, great organisational skills, the ability to motivate others and lots of hard work, is all you need to be a successful fundraiser! Its great to strive to be the best you can be, but lets take a moment to reflect and celebrate the fantastic energy, commitment and resilience of fundraisers everywhere."

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