IoF South West Bursaries


IoF South West Membership bursary - join now for just £30*

As an IoF member, you’ll be joining a network of over 6,000 Fundraisers enjoying a wide range of membership benefits.

We know how important it is for you to raise as much money as you can for the causes you care about and we want you to be the best fundraiser you can be. We can help you to gain skills and build networks to help you achieve the best possible results for you and your organisation. Let us help you to develop your career in fundraising - we can support you every step of the way. Our National, Regional and Special Interest Groups are run by the IoF Volunteers, covering the whole of the UK and a wide range of specialist fundraising areas.

  • Share best practice, knowledge, and experience
  • Peer support, training, networking and events
  • Technique-specific fundraising, information and relevant local issues 

 Please note all membership bursaries have been awarded for this year - the next earliest application date for these bursaries is 1 April 2020.  

*standard first-year Associate rate £132

Certificate & Diploma in Fundraising

The IoF South West Regional Group is offering Academy Training Bursaries for IoF Members wanting to achieve the Certificate (x 2 bursaries) or Diploma in Fundraising (x 1 bursary). We will cover a third of the price of the Certificate and a quarter of the price of the Diploma.

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Please note all certificate and diploma bursaries have been awarded for this year - the next earliest application date for these bursaries is 1 April 2020.  

Bursaries of 33% towards any Institute of Fundraising Training

The Institute of Fundraising South West Group aims to support individual members who live or work in the South West, aiming to take any IoF training courses (including the Introduction to Fundraising course and the Mental Health First Aid course as well as other courses listed on the IoF website), through the support and the provision of bursaries for up to one-third of the cost of the training. The Bursary will be given in the form of a pledge to lever other funding towards the training costs and will be payable directly to the Institute once the full funding has been secured and you are able to proceed with booking the training course. 

We will not fund: 
• training that has already taken place;
• the South West conference, as this is already heavily discounted;
• internal training courses or courses not run by the IoF.

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Convention Bursaries 2020

The Institute of Fundraising South West Regional Group will provide three Convention Bursaries in 2020 to support fundraisers working for a small to medium-sized charity in the South West to attend one day of the Fundraising Convention. The Convention Bursary will fund a one-day pass for the Fundraising Convention (at the early bird member rate). The individual and/or their organisation will be responsible for travel and accommodation costs.  Deadline to apply 20 May 2020.

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IoF Bursary feedback:

"First of all, I'd like to say a huge thank you to IoF SW Committee for supporting me to go on this fabulous course - what a great day, good venue and amazing course. It was hugely exciting to be in a room full of charity colleagues from across the South West and find out more about incredible work that happens in the region. Not to mention have the opportunity to learn and have so much knowledge shared in one room.

If I had to sum up the event - insightful, jam-packed day, great course leader, engaging - lots to come back with and to think about. Excellent for those with aspirations to climb the career ladder later down the line too, but also great for helping you understand what is needed from Fundraising Managers and Directors from boards, etc. It really helped me and made me appreciate how important it is to ensure that we as fundraisers give the best feedback possible so that we can ensure that as an organisation we are able to be confident with what we hope and think we will achieve throughout the course of the year.

Following the course, I came back to the office, encouraged and excited to apply the things I've learned. I've definitely been applying the tips when talking to fundraisers and supporters who have got in touch; which has been really empowering as well as ensuring I get more out of conversations and am less afraid to ask people for information that ultimately helps me and them form a better relationship going forward."

(C. James, 2019 who attended a community fundraising course)

IoF SW Membership Bursary Applicant's Report 1 year on:

"In November 2014 I was very grateful to receive a bursary in relation to my first year IoF Associate membership.

It’s been a busy year for me and since joining the IoF I have taken full advantage of my membership by taking part in the following:

  • IoF 2 Day Major Donor Training Course, November 2014, London
  • SW IoF Autumn Conference, November 2014, Exeter
  • Plymouth IoF Network Meeting, November 2014
  • SW IoF Spring Conference, Bristol, April 2015
  • IoF National Fundraising Convention, London, July 2015
  • SW IoF Autumn Conference, November 2015, Exeter

In addition, I have recently been accepted on an internal programme which allows a limited number of staff members to study for a Diploma in Fundraising fully funded by Oxfam. My course starts in February 2016 and I am looking forward to it!

Needless to say, my membership with the IoF will continue and I have ensured colleagues /friends who are fellow-fundraisers are aware of the many and varied benefits being an IoF member brings.

Thank you for all your hard work as the SW IoF Committee and for allowing me this opportunity. I look forward to attending the next event!"                            

(C. Babb, January 2016)

Any queries relating to our bursaries, please email