2020 Yorkshire and Humber fundraising awards open!

17 February 2020

Celebrate exceptional fundraising in Yorkshire at the Yorkshire and Humber Fundraising Awards 2020.

The Yorkshire and Humber Fundraising Awards 2020 are now open for nominations. Taking place during the evening of the first day of our annual conference in York on Thursday 21 May, it's completely free and simple to enter. 

 To help you write your entry, please read the category criteria carefully. Your entry should reflect how the person you are nominating meets the criteria the judges will be looking for.


This award is to recognise an individual who has been employed for less than 2 years as a professional fundraiser. The winner will have had significant fundraising success beyond their experience, demonstrating meaningful impact for the organisation they work in. This may include; demonstrating examples of new or innovative methods of fundraising, engaging with people or communities with no previous connection to the charity and showing promise for potential management roles in the future.


This award is for a professional fundraiser who has shown excellence, best practice and innovative methods in achieving high quality fundraising for their organisation. 

The winner will have had significant fundraising success, having a major impact on the organisation for which they work. They will have developed good teamwork capabilities, developed new or innovative methods of fundraising that have proven to be successful and adopted as standard practice, engaged with people or communities with no previous connection to the charity and be thought of as the next leaders in their charity.


This award is for a charity, or a team based in Yorkshire or the Humber from a larger charity, that has achieved something outstanding through teamwork. This team will have done something amazing and will be able to share their story of how they worked together to achieve success, how they have developed their learnings for the future and what impact the activity has had on the charity or it’s beneficiaries. The activity, or activities, must have taken place between May 2019 and the application date.


This award is to celebrate an individual who has shown visionary leadership over the last year whilst demonstrating consistent excellence and high standards.  The winner will be a passionate ambassador for their charity and will have been involved in making a significant increase to the charity’s fundraising performance. They must show a commitment to passing on knowledge and skills to other fundraisers and have an ability to develop the talents of others.


This award celebrates an outstanding fundraising event. The winning event will have achieved exceptional results for the organisation – this could include, but is not limited to; income generation, PR/brand awareness for the organisation, participation etc. It could be a new fundraising event, or a fundraising event that has been running for some time but exceeded expectations in 2019. Your fundraising event will have happened in Yorkshire, although could be organised by either a national or local charity.


This is open to any organisations who have run successful campaigns
(print, digital or social) in the Yorkshire region. The campaign should be innovative and show a strong return on investment for the organisation. 

Applicants will need to demonstrate why the campaign was so successful for the organisation and how it made a significant difference to their organisation in 2019. Entries can include examples of successful fundraising or strategic campaigns.


Nominations in this category can include charity partnerships with either a corporate or a charitable trust or foundation, but they must demonstrate change and activity within the Yorkshire region.

They should highlight excellence in partnership working for both organisations involved and show how both parties were able to achieve established objectives to achieve lasting success. The partnership should cover 2019, although it can be a longer standing partnership, but to win it must demonstrate excellence within this year.




This is your opportunity to shout about your great fundraising achievements of the past twelve months, highlighting what a difference it has made to your organisation and sector.  

Within each application, you will be asked to provide the following information: 

  • Name / organisation / email / telephone number of nominator
  • Relationship to nominated individual
  • Charity nominated
  • 150 word submission summary

Please note: If shortlisted, your submission summary will be used by IoF Yorkshire social media, publications and associated materials. 

We advise that you prepare your application in a word document, as you will not be able to save the entry whilst working on the application form.


Here are a few top tips on how to make your application stand out from the rest. 

  • Evidence claims and be clear about targets and objectives
  • Be clear and to the point – remember you only have 150 words.
  • Ask a colleague or friend to read through your entry before submission.



  • Entries are open to all charities working within the UK. Third parties may enter on behalf of a charity or fundraising individual, but permission must have been sought from the nominated party.
  • All entries must relate to fundraising activity or campaigns which took place between 1 January 2019 up to the application date.
  • All nominees must work within the Yorkshire and Humber area.
  • All submissions must be made online by 17:00 (GMT) on Monday 3 April 2020.
  • Those Shortlisted will be notified by Monday 27 April 2020.
  • Organisations may submit multiple entries for each category; however separate nominations must be submitted as separate entries.
  • By entering, you agree to the publication of any information or data included in the entry by the event organisers. By submitting this entry, it is accepted that all data is accurate and that you have sought permission for the information to be made public.
  • Withdrawals will only be accepted if information within the application is inaccurate or misleading.
  • You must inform us immediately if you realise that you have submitted incorrect information.
  • The judges reserve the right to re-allocate entries that (in their view) are entered in an incorrect category.
  • Entries will only be judged based on the information provided in the submitted material. It cannot be assumed that the judges have prior knowledge of the submitted work or campaign and external sources e.g. websites will not be accessed as part of the judging process.
  • Awards will be presented at the IoF Yorkshire Conference dinner, held in York on the 21 May 2020. Those shortlisted will be invited to attend the dinner if not already doing so. Ticket prices will apply.

The judges’ decision is final.