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About us

Welcome to a community of Community Fundraisers! Your committee are dedicated to making your group a space for learning, to share your expertise, personal experiences and even failures. This is how we all grow and develop as fundraisers, which is what this group strives to achieve at all times.

The Community Fundraising SIG is helping along the way to bring all you talented fundraisers together and the group is led by you. We want to know what you want to hear about, talk about and listen to. Tell us and together we’ll make it happen. 

We organise approximately four events a year, often in London as that is where the committee is based. We are led by our group members and often post quick surveys or polls to find out what you - our members - want to hear about next. 

Most of our events will have a chance to share peer to peer support through roundtable discussions. We're all in this crazy fundraising game together, and we’re all here to help each other.

Online community fundraising support

We have set up a Facebook group for community fundraising professionals to discuss day to day issues with their colleagues. Join the group to share your expertise and ask for advice. 

Stay in touch...

To be added to our mailing list and hear about upcoming events please email us.

If anyone is interested in helping to arrange the group's activities or being on the Committee, please email us, we would love to hear from you!

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"Fundraisers should use pride, not apology, when asking for a gift for a charity that is doing good work." – Henry Rosso