Our manifesto

We are a Community of Community fundraisers. The fundraising world is a weird and wonderful place, and our journeys through it will go much smoother if we help each other out.
Community fundraisers do what they do best by being real, authentic and personal. We want this group to be an embodiment of that.
The IoF Community SIG group is a place where we are always learning. We jointly have a wealth of experience and expertise to learn from. This group is a safe space for everyone to share their challenges, advice, experiences…and even their failures. You can do this in a formal way by being one of our speakers, posting in the FB group, or in the way community fundraisers do it best – by having a chat in person! (We all know that’s when people are at their most authentic)
We want to help fundraisers develop as individual professionals. We are not here to compare charity to charity – it’s all about how you can help each other. Many members in the group are new or sole fundraisers. Be a resource, a guide and a friend to everyone else in the group.
This group is led by you. Our members are our speakers, listeners, mentees, mentors and “inspirators”. What do you want to hear about, talk about and listen to? Tell us, and together, we’ll make it happen as a group.
So sit down, get comfy and relax whilst we talk, learn and share, we're all in this crazy fundraising game together, and we’re all here to help each other.