Your committee

Your Committee:

Sarah Goddard 

Sarah has been in fundraising for 11 years, specialising in Community and Events. She loves all types of fundraising, from pub quizzes, to comedy nights, to cheering on runners at London Marathon or guiding supporters in running their own successful fundraising initiatives. 

A relationship fundraiser at heart, Sarah champions the demonstrable value events and community fundraising adds to the wider fundraising programme. She values supporters and their relationship with the charity above all else, and seeks to always connect her donors to the cause. 

Follow her fundraising thoughts on Twitter at @FundraiserSarah or follow the committee on @IoF_Community

Vice-Chair and Treasurer
Kelly Walton 

Lauren Levy

Membership Secretary
Emily Roff

Communications Lead
Daniel Magson

Digital Lead
Millie Hinton

Speaker Liason
Craig Wills



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We'd love to hear your ideas for future meetings, suggested speakers, ideas for how else we can support you or if you would like to join the committee. 

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