Consultants’ Annual General Meeting

Minutes of the Consultants’ Special Interest Group Annual General Meeting, held at Kingston Smith, 60 Goswell Road, London EC1M 7AD

Tuesday 11 September 2018, 14:30


Sue Hind Woodward (Chair); Jon Allen; Amanda Ball; Adriana Brancaleone; Sam Boyle; Emma Davidson; Lee Durbin; Ruth Fawcett; Spenser Gardner; Liz Haigh-Reeve;
Peter Jennings; Kieran Kettleton; Alec Leggat; Elisabeth Michau; Helen Mackenzie; Holly Palmer; Emily Petty; Scott Reeve; Kelly Rock; Natasha Roe; Ashley Scott.

1.0. Welcome and apologies

The Chair welcomed everyone present and especially welcomed Sam Boyle representing the IoF office.

Apologies were noted from:

Tenika Ah-Wan; Dan Fletcher; Bill Giles; Jimmy James; Margaret Walker.

2.0. Minutes of last meeting 21 September 2017

The Minutes were agreed as an accurate record. Proposed by Peter Jennings, seconded by Liz Haigh-Reeve

3.0. Chair’s report

Following our last AGM on 21 September 2017, Gerald Oppenheim, now CEO at The Fundraising Regulator (our congratulations to him) and Ian McQuillan, Director of Think Tank, Rogare, updated us on ethical and research news within the sector.

Since then, much of the committee’s time has been taken up with GDPR preparations and other regulatory processes, and my thanks go to Margaret Walker and Kieran Kettleton for leading on this work. On this topic, IOF governance recommends that we have eight on the committee and, from today, we will be two down, so volunteers please do join our merry troupe!

It wasn’t all rules and regulations, however, as we enjoyed another Christmas Social at the Premier Inn (London City), who will also be hosting this year’s festivities on Wednesday, 5 December 2018.

Our Spring Seminar on ‘Secrets of Successful Consultants’ featured our own Ruth Fawcett and longstanding Consultants’ group member, Jimmy James with David Saint, Chairman of Action Planning, who actually founded this group many years ago. They all provided excellent advice on ensuring that you have the right Contract in place, successfully pitching for business and the benefits of being an Associate.

Unfortunately, our Summer Seminar had to be cancelled because of logistics difficulties, but our speakers are on standby for running the session in the New Year.

Today, we welcome David Burgess and Jo Cutler as our principal speakers, who will be sharing the secrets of ‘mind reading’. Please join us after this AGM to learn more!

As always, these events could not be held without the significant contributions from our speakers, legal advisors and venue hosts who support us so munificently.Special thanks go to Gerald at FR; Ian at Rogare; Ruth, Yorkshire Consultancy; Jimmy, Minerva Fundraising; David, Action Planning; David Burgess of Apollo Fundraising, Jo Cutler, Doctoral Researcher at Sussex University. Wrigleys, Solicitors in Leeds, who assisted with the Contract Template and Kingston Smith for their generous use of this venue.

Last but not least, very special thanks to our wonderful committee for all that they do. None of this would happen without your input. Sadly, Peter is stepping down after his second three-year stint, but we wish him well in his new ventures. Mick Denton, who re-joined us last year, has also had to resign due to personal commitments. Thank you all very much indeed

Sue Hind Woodward, Chair – Consultants’ Group

4.0. Treasurer's report

In the absence of Bill Giles, the treasurer’s report was presented on his behalf by Peter Jennings:

This year has not been a particularly rewarding year from the perspective of Income Generation. However, we held three meetings, a training event and a Christmas social during the year and with relatively poor attendances at the main events the cost of hosting these activities (venues, refreshments and speaker expenses) has meant that we spent almost £1,400 from our reserves over the course of the year.

We ended the financial year with £383 in the bank and your committee has been doing its utmost to try and locate less expensive venues for activities this year in order to generate excess from our activities rather than further reducing our finances. This we are managing to achieve thus far into the year growing our working capital by more than £100.

The financial report was accepted unanimously. 

5.0. Election of committee members

Peter Jennings has completed due terms of three years and will not be standing again. There being no other members of the committee for re-election and no nominations for new committee members the current committee stands as:

• Sue Hind Woodward, (Chair)
• Bill Giles, (Treasurer)
• Kieran Kettleton (Secretary)
• Tenika Ah-Wan
• Ruth Fawcett (Social Media)
• Margaret Walker (Social Media)

Those attending were asked to consider joining the committee and, if interested, to talk to one of the committee members after the meeting. The committee has powers to co-opt new members during the year.

6.0. Any other business

A general discussion followed about promoting the events of the Consultants SIG. Some consultants who are signed up to the IoF on-line Consultants’ Directory suggested that all the consultants on the Directory should automatically receive specific information about the events through IoF.

The committee were urged to set up a Facebook Group rather than the simple page as at present.

The AGM closed at 15.15