Insight in Fundraising

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This group is for individuals engaged in analysing data for fundraising purposes. The analysis of donor behaviour is critical to fundraising and is done by most charities, but until now there has not been a forum in which analysts and practitioners can meet and share experiences.

There has also been a lack of understanding and education in the sector generally about ‘analysis’ and the impact of ‘data strategy’ on fundraising performance and there are no formal skills training in ‘analysis’ available from the established fundraising training providers.

The objectives of the group are:

  • To further the development of individuals who analyse and interpret data for a living,
  • that insight and understanding of donor and supporter behaviour is improved.
  • Make opportunities for people to meet, as a group, and discuss, share, network and learn from each other.
  • To build awareness of analysis and analysts.
  • To create understanding of the importance of analysis ( and therefore analysts) and the impact that it (and they) can have.

Key principles are:

  • Practical (no airy-fairy concepts)
  • Forum
  • Bottom-line focused
  • Mutual trust (some confidential information will be shared)
  • Sales-free (strict guidance for suppliers and members in general)
  • Open to all

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