Tech conference 2018 - Business Processes stream

Business Process Stream - Turn fundraising ideas into data reality and take the pain out of the day-to-day, as well as securing the success of big, business-critical projects.

The following are speakers in the IoF Technology conference 2018 'Business Processes' stream

10.15 am Session 1

Jon Kelly with Matthew Tamea (Wood for Trees) and David Gafga (British Heart Foundation)

'Zombie apocalypse! Exterminate the dopplegangers on sight to build a quality database'.

About the Speakers:


Jon Kelly has been at Wood for Trees for 10 years now. Having previously headed up the analytical side of the business in 2018 he took on the role of Deputy MD. As such he is responsible for the delivery of all our analysis, models, reports and systems across our client base.

Before Wood for Trees he enjoyed a healthily diverse variety of employment paths including teaching and establishing his own successful travel business (he also did a bit of analysis along the way). He is passionate about travel, and skiing in particular.



Matthew Tamea joined Wood for Trees in 2010 with a remit to develop the marketing database and systems arm of the business, building a workstream to run in tandem with Wood for Trees’ analytical services. Several years and some 25 FastStats systems later, they are now focused on providing solutions with faster turnarounds and still bigger data capabilities, all with a watchful eye on regulation. If you can't find him he will be out on his bike! 

David Gafga has worked extensively across the NFP sector from large national organisations such as The Princes Trust and NSPCC to focused Higher Education organisations such as the Courthauld Institute of Art. He is currently working as CRM & Data Manager at British Heart Foundation, where he leads three teams spanning Support, Data Ops and Projects & Change delivering complex integrations, multi-faceted conversions and all whilst overseeing Business as usual activity to support BHF's £150m annual turnover.

About the Session: Every charity recognises the scenario: multiple incoming data feeds – everything from online donations to call centre agencies – hit different databases within the organisation and the only way to check the integrity of the data is laborious and often (at least) partly manual. This session looks at how intelligent validation of incoming data feeds is critical to the establishment of quality databases: resources that a charity can rely upon for the requirements of the future such as strategic decision-making and consent management, to name but two. It also examines how data validation systems are developing to meet changing industry demands.

14.20 Session 3

David Eder (Advanced) 

'But we've always done it this way...'


About the Speaker: With a background in fundraising, team and project management at Age UK, David has spent the last 15 years working across the sector on major system implementations and smaller process improvement projects. Charity clients have included WWF-UK, Save the Children, MIND, The Royal British Legion, The Irish Cancer Society, Marine Society and Sea Cadets, Blue Cross, The Cystic Fibrosis Trust, The Eden Project, Plan UK, The Macular Disease Society and England Hockey to name a few.

A former chair of the IoF Technology Group and trustee of the IoF, David is currently working on a landmark (or should that be seamark?) project with the RNLI.

About the Session:Every year, a lot of money is lost on failed tech projects and rework/scope extensions that could be avoided/minimised if requirements were better understood (and agreed across the business) before major commitments were made.  With the fundraising landscape continuously changing and major regulatory changes (not least the FPS and GDPR) driving a lot of business change right now, let’s make sure those general funds are well spent!

This session will focus on how good process review is key for all business change (and in particular technology projects), from the initial project scoping and the tendering process right through the implementation (design, development, testing, training and roll out).  Looking at the importance of clarity on the ‘what’ and ‘why’ things are done and the pitfalls of not considering these at each stage, I’ll share examples from projects I know of and suggest a pragmatic approach for what reviews should

15.35 Session 4 

Aris Tsontzos – (Aris does Data)

'GDPR in Action: How to execute your GDPR policies with grace and finesse'


About the Speaker: Aris is a seasoned marketing professional, having earned his stripes in the data departments of charities large and small, and was Head of Data at animal charity the League Against Cruel Sports before deciding to take his enthusiasm for data protection to the world. He is a trustee, an active volunteer and a member of the DMA's Customer Data Council. His data protection practice, Aris Does Data, is founded on the belief that data protection needn't be scary or full of jargon. An enthusiastic speaker, Aris aims to empower his audiences to confidently conquer their data protection dreams.

About the Session: We've all (hopefully) done a bit or a lot of work towards getting 'GDPR ready'. This is great. But have you considered what you need to think about when it comes to knowing how to execute your GDPR-relevant policies? You may have thought about and implemented policies around things such as subject access requests, data breaches or data retention, but how do you test these procedures to make sure they're up to spec and how do you make sure you and your team are ready when you need to execute them? Come and listen to a seasoned data protection geek, people manager and team leader talk you through how to execute your GDPR policies while keeping your team, and your other stakeholders, on-side.